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Unconventional perhaps, but Country Music #CMchat doesn’t just stop at twelve days of Christmas. We take you all the way through the month until the big day. With that being said, today marks the fourteenth of our daily installments of the “25 Days of Country Christmas,” and we bring you Scotty McCreery’s “Christmas in Heaven.”

“Christmas in Heaven” begs the question of what it’s like to spend the holiday with the man upstairs as the people down on Earth miss their loved ones lost. We all often wonder what comes of those we love who are taken from us, and Scotty’s Christmas song focuses solely on the mystery of how our fallen friends and family will celebrate.

In the chorus, Scotty asks:

Is the snow falling down on the streets of gold? Are the mansions all covered in white? Are you singing with angels “Silent Night”? I wonder what Christmas in heaven is like.

With Scotty’s deep, booming voice, he delivers a song of vulnerability and emotion, making listeners look up to the sky and likewise ask:

Are you kneeling with shepherds before him now? Can you reach out and touch his face? Are you part of that glorious Holy night?

We may never find out, but we can certainly hope that what Scotty envisions and explains in this song is everything our loved ones are experiencing … and so much more.

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Listen to Scotty McCreery’s “Christmas in Heaven”

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