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“Country Music Chat,” also known as #CMchat- a 24/7 Hashtag Community, achieved worldwide success and recognition this week as the statistics for the past 12 months revealed #CMchat had reached an astounding 4 Billion impressions within the past year.

#CMchat, which was founded in May 2011 by Jessica Northey, connects artists with their fans in a unique way that had never been done before. Northey and guest co-hosts that are made up of Country Music industry professionals, host a weekly online chat that features various Country Music artists. Fans are invited to “tune in” to twitter and participate in the twitterview process first-hand with the ability to ask celebrities their own questions, in real time. #CMchat is like being backstage and gives fans unparalleled access to all of the stars that you would otherwise only dream of talking to.

#CMchat’s 4 Billion Impressions milestone was announced by Charlie Jeffers from Hastracking, a company that analyzes Tweet data for the White House, NFL, Yahoo and several other top organizations through the number of timeline deliveries, impressions, and number of people reached. Charlie Jeffers of Hastracking reports that there is no one in the Country music industry that comes close to #CMchat’s online social-networking exposure. He adds, “Jessica is a leader in social media. Through the partnership with her I have gained national contracts with the Dallas Cowboys, Billboard Magazine and more.” 

CMchat one year

The benefit of doing a #CMchat, also extends to the artists who receive immediate, accurate and direct fan feedback which allows them to adjust their promotion efforts accordingly. Country Music artists are recognizing the increasing need to connect on social media. #CMchat’s social interaction and first-person encounters between celebrities and their fans result in much higher exposure than what the artists would gain from radio, TV, magazines, or traditional media outlets. The power of working in tandem with the fans through #CMchat ultimately increases album sales and exposure.

In addition to real-time artist interaction, #CMchat actively promotes new music, new artists, concert reviews, events, and more.

And the artists love it too!

Joe Bonsall, Oak Ridge Boys:

“The most innovative use of social media is Jessica Northey’s Cmchat on twitter! It has not only become a first class way to promote what you are doing but Jess has made it THE hip and cool place to be. I have met some wonderful people here. I have also been introduced to some tweet profile types that have been very meaningful but mostly CMchat is FUN!! Always fast paced and exciting. I LOVE being a part. I love Jessica!!”

Kristian Bush, Sugarland: 

“Country fans are some of the best fans in the world, and they get excited to share what they love. That passion is a perfect fit with the power of social media, so we’ve been waiting for someone like Jessica and her #CMchat community to come along and not only lead the way, but give these fans an amazing place to call their online home.” 

Cowboy Troy:

“I am honored to have been a guest on CMchat on a couple of occasions. Jessica uses her reach as a way to connect her online community with the artists those fans want to reach. Because of Jessica and CMchat, the fans have, previously unheard of, access to the lives of artists when the stage lights are off.” 

Neal McCoy: 

“As a big fan, and a 2 time guest of the show, I thank Jessica for the avenue to stay in touch with the Country music Fans!!”

The Farm
Damien Horne: 

“I had no clue what to expect when we scheduled our #CMChat appearance on our album release day, we just started typing and before we knew it, it was 2 hours later and we were still chatting with fans on twitter, it was a lot of fun, definitely one of my favorite interviews we’ve ever done.”

Krista Marie: 

“The biggest thing that impressed me about #CMChat was how big it is, we expected maybe 100 fans to sign on, but there were thousands! And afterward we had such a positive response on Twitter and Facebook with new followers and likes on our page…it really broadened our audience to a lot of new listeners.”

Nick Hoffman:

“#CMChat is kind of like having an online meet and greet with your Fans … a lot of times at shows, everything is on such a strict schedule that you don’t get to really talk with everyone as much as you would like, but with #CMChat it was nice to be able to interact and answer questions from our Fans without feeling rushed.” 

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