5 Things that Need to Go Away

Overall, we have to admit life is pretty awesome. Artists are pumping out some of the most creative tunes ever. Social media is literally blowing up and becoming the way to connect music directly to the fans. However, in an effort to preserve a wee bit of sanity can we join together and make a conscious effort to rid our lives of a few things that are making us steps away from having a collective personality disorder named for us. These are 5 things we would like to see a little less of this year:

1) Autotune. Sure, there is a place for auto tune which is its original purpose, to disguise off key inaccuracies. It was not intended to sound like a karaoke bar meets an 80s synthesizer. It was not intended to rescue a voice who has seen its day. It may just be time to hang up the ol’ hat and open a restaurant. We will still listen to your music….the good stuff, without excess auto tune.

2) Bathroom Selfies. Really can’t believe we still have to talk about this but alas…here we are. If you insist on taking them in the bathroom please go ahead and line yourself up against the wall and at least make an effort to disguise yourself. You also may want to invest in an iPhone with the reverse feature so the image of your phone doesn’t take up half of your beautiful mirrored portrait.

3) While we are at it can we please ax the Keep Calm movement and Cartoon yourself. I would like to calmly shove Keep Calm into oblivion and really don’t need to see you making dinner in the form of a cartoon. People must be bored and the 3rd person talk is simply too much. Kim does not care that you are eating eggplant parm with a glass of malbec.  On second thought, Kim does because that sounds delish.

4) Truck Songs. We get it. You are gassin’ up the Chevy, rocking in my truck, radio on, singing every song, make me roll my windows down cruising all while getting mud on the tires. We have heard it….a collective 2 billion times. We like it. We’re done.

5) Fake Artist Accounts. Just stop. Its annoying. Its annoying for people working in the industry and for the artists who are constantly having to correct false statements. Its humiliating for fans when they think they have been talking to Carrie Underwood but really its a 56 year old man sitting in his recliner in North Dakota with nothing better to do. Fans heres your first clue, artists don’t have a lot of time to tweet so if you see a high volume its likely not them. There will also be a little blue check mark by their name indicating its a verified account. Note: The only one you SHOULD follow is the fake Jake Owen account, Cake Bowen @notjakeowen. Why? He never claims to be Jake Owen….and he’s funny.

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  1. First time ever that I have aggreed with every thing in an article. I would also add DrunkinMartina to #5 never claims to be Martina McBride and hillarious!

  2. The fake Kenny Rogers @notkennyrogers is pretty funny too. There are a few others but fake Jake Owen and Fake Kenny Rogers are the best.

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