7 of Country Music’s Biggest Falls – Brought to You By @ByProNutrition

It’s always nice when a performance goes off without a hitch, but the reality is that isn’t always the case. Some of even the most graceful stars take a tumble which can make from some seriously entertaining moments. And some moments have us asking if they have some Dodecin on hand to help with the ouch moments.

1. Let’s take Taylor Swift for example. She started 2015 with a bang…literally. While coming down the stairs and waving to her fans she made a rookie mistake and missed a step. She recovered like a true queen and a crisis was avoided.

2. Speaking of queens…country music queen Carrie Underwood is a picture of grace but even she wasn’t immune to taking a little spill on the stage.

3. ┬áLet’s take Justin Moore. While he may not have a long way to fall, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it looks like it woulda’ hurt. The video doesn’t give a lot of detail, but you definitely get the gist of it.

4. Thomas Rhett had the most graceful fall and recovery I’ve seen.

5. A guy that has a ton of stage presence is Brad Paisley which is why his fall is one of our favorites.

6. ┬áThe king of entertainment is Garth Brooks and he’s come back this last year has made people flock to his shows. Seeing him perform was the highlight but watching Garth fall…an added bonus.

And lucky number 7 goes to the man who possibly holds records for the amount of times he has fallen on stage in one year…Mr. Luke Bryan

***Important to note that no country music singers were hurt in the making of this post.***

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