Album Review: A Thousand Horses- Southernality

One of the biggest success stories in the Country Music world in 2015 has been the success of A Thousand Horses and their chart-topping debut single, “Smoke.” Now, with their new album Southernality out, the band is looking to continue that momentum of their first hit. From the first listen of this CD, I think they’re going to do just that.

Growing up in South Carolina, the band (comprised of Zach Brown, Michael Hobby, Graham DeLoach, and Bill Satcher) has an undoubtable Southern Rock lean. That can be heard on cuts like “Travellin’ Man” and “The First Time,” both of which have a great amount of swagger that would make any Skynyrd or Marshall Tucker Band fan smile. “Sunday Morning” and “Tennessee Whiskey” take that influence and sound into the 1990s with a sound and style that should be very familiar to fans of The Black Crowes.

As authentic as those sounds are, what really works well is when the band tones it down a bit. “Smoke” is a prime example of this, and tracks like “Where I’m Goin” and “Hell On My Heart” both score well with their rootsy approach.

Not that Scott Borchetta and Republic Nashville have asked me, but I hear radio smash written all over “(This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial,” which could be a huge record for the band – and “Landslide” could also be one of those ultra-rare singles that actually tell how the music business really works from time to time – I just wish they had named a few names!

To simply label A Thousand Horses as a modern-day Southern Rock band would not be correct. It’s a great part of their style, but they seemingly put things together from both sides to come up with a collection that could (and should) keep them on the airwaves for some time to come!

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A Thousand Horses Southernality

1.     “First Time” (Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher and Patrick Davis)
2.     “Sunday Morning” (Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher, Graham DeLoach, Zach Brown and Rich Robinson)
3.     “Smoke” (Michael Hobby, Ross Copperman and John Knight)
4.     “(This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial” (Michael Hobby, Corey Crowder, Neil Mason and Cale Dodds)
5.     “Heaven is Close” (Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher and Graham DeLoach)
6.     “Travelin’ Man” (Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher and Jaren Johnston)
7.     “Back to Me” (Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher, Graham DeLoach and Westin Davis)
8.     “Southernality” (Michael Hobby, Corey Crowder and Neil Mason)
9.     “Tennessee Whiskey” (Michael Hobby and Bill Satcher)
10.    “Hell on My Heart” (Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher, Graham DeLoach and Zach Brown)
11.    “Trailer Trashed” (Graham DeLoach)
12.    “Landslide” (Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher and Zach Brown)
13.    “Where I’m Going” (Michael Hobby, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)

Southernality, produced by Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton) can be purchased at iTunes and all other major retailers.  The band also is out on the road with Darius Rucker’s Southern Style Tour this summer.

The group mixes the Southern rock sounds they fell in love with growing up in eastern Georgia and South Carolina with the storytelling tradition of country music to make songs that stick in the mind. The mix has proven appealing to fans of both, as well as critics. All Access said of the band and their album, “I defy you to put this in your car, start listening and not like it. The first single, ‘Smoke,’ is a runaway hit, sounds terrific on the radio and is selling big. Not convinced? Go see them live.” Rolling Stone Country said “the Horses are bringing musicianship back to a stale format” and USA Today named them a 2015 “Artist to Watch.” They also recently made their television debut on TODAY immediately followed by two performances on FOX and Friends.

The band’s next single, “(This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial,” is available for purchase at iTunes and will impact country radio on June 29.

You  can follow A Thousand Horses on Twitter  and their website.

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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