Have You Heard @AThousandHorses’ #TennesseeWhiskey? (Listen Here!)

A Thousand Horses is turning heads throughout the country music genre with the huge success of its first hit single “Smoke.” The song, which recently broke into the Top 10 on the Mediabase charts, has opened doors for the four-man group to make its way in the industry, paving a path of ongoing success for its forthcoming album Southernality.

Also included on the album is the group’s lead single from the disc, “(This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial,” and a track that the foursome has been performing for quite some time, “Tennessee Whiskey.” “Tennessee Whiskey” landed on my radar when I saw A Thousand Horses live in South Florida, and now the track has found itself on my go-to running playlist on Spotify.

Until I was able to recognize it from its opening note, I asked myself “what is this song?” each time it came on, struck with amazement that it was foreign to me. This morning, as I was lost in stride in the Nashville woods, the song played through my earbuds and I realized that not sharing this tune with our Country Music’s #CMchat readers is a disservice to you all. So, here I am, righting my wrong and introducing everybody to their next favorite song.

The ruggedly vulnerable track is about a man who lives his life on the road and finds that the particular lifestyle is not conducive to a relationship with the woman for whom he longs; especially because she, too, is the traveling type. Bidding his heart farewell “right outside El Paso,” the only way he can handle the gaping hole in his chest is by filling it with Tennessee Whiskey as he continues onward.

Expressing the pain of the situation in a gritty tune that blends the openness of a country song (with key lyrics such as “I feel lonely in this crazy crowd”) with the smokiness of a rock ballad, “Tennessee Whiskey” is yet another perfect audial presentation of A Thousand Horses.

Saddle up fans of this Republic Nashville band. If this is the caliber of the product that Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher, Zach Brown, and¬†Graham Deloach are going to bring to the table, they are very much in this race and vying for the winner’s circle.

Listen to A Thousand Horses’ “Tennessee Whiskey”

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