Aaron Lewis Transgresses Pop Country in ‘Sinner’

Country Music enthusiast, Grammy-nominated rocker and all around take-no-shit type of guy, Aaron Lewis is hitting the scene hard with his new project ‘Sinner.’

On September 16th, 2016 Lewis released the 11 track album via Dot Records. Immediately he was thrown to #1 via itunes All Genre & Country chart. Lewis, who is known for his leading role in the rock band Staind, has decided to showcase his country roots this time around.

Honesty and originality pour from Aaron Lewis’ Sinner…It’s a one of a kind composition with grit, solitude, and admiration for classic country music.

‘Sinner‘ is wholeheartedly a country album. From the Willie Nelson feature on the first track and album title ‘Sinner’ to the duet with his 13-year-old Daughter Zoe on the Dixie Chicks cover “Travelin Soldier.”┬áIt’s an ode to the traditional country sound and make no mistake, Lewis doesn’t compromise that for even a second.

The album’s first single “That Ain’t Country” hits you where it hurts. The brutally honest Lewis tells it like it is in this fast-paced tune. As the steel guitar sings along with his vocals, Lewis describes all his favorite singers and how what we listen to today, just ain’t country. Then you have “Whiskey and You,” a ballad style track where Lewis’s voice sings dauntingly but yet has no comparison to the powerful and inspiring “Mama.”

Lewis, whom can be considered outlaw country, didn’t disappoint with the uptempo jams. Tracks such as “Northern Redneck” and “Story Of My Life” can be considered catchy and witty. Also nothing short of authentic, he impressed with “Sunday Every Saturday Night,” a hymn that gives an ode to drinking. Also, the vulnerable Lewis displays the truth about being on the road with “Lost and Lonely.”

Finally, we see the gloomy and dark tracks, the ones that use to make up country music back in our parent’s/grandparent’s time. “Stuck In These Shoes” is a honky tonk anthem with deep lyrics. A brilliantly written song, it’s one of the best tracks on the album. “I Lost It All” has an easy melody but ghastly lyrics – it’s raw and pure.

‘Sinner’ is not for the faint of heart, it’s a ruthless and truthful album that shouts loyalty to a genre of music that is almost nonexistent.

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#CMchat’s Julia Bruck recently caught up with Aaron Lewis to talk about his new album Sinner.

You can also check out Aaron Lewis new album Sinner on iTunes here.


Author: Brittany Vance

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