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Country Music’s #CMchat One to Watch Aaron Parker performed a thirty-minute set at Nashville’s renowned venue The Basement to a packed house on St. Patrick’s Day. Despite block parties and events throughout downtown Nashville, people positioned themselves shoulder-to-shoulder for a chance to see the South Alabama-born country crooner grace the stage.

Made immediately apparent, Aaron is a true performer who absorbs every moment he is on stage, taking not a single second for granted and giving his all for those who have assembled to support him. From the way he treated his band members to the way he made eye contact and exchanged smiles with his fans, it was evident that Aaron was born to perform and wholeheartedly loves what he does.

Aaron Parker

Aaron’s setlist consisted of heavy-hitting party songs about tequila and his lady heading out for a girls night (unbeknownst to him), as well as acoustic ballads about a beaten Bible; each receiving a positive reception from the crowd for the well-written lyrics and stellar vocals. Though the set was short, there were undeniable show-stopping moments, particularly when Aaron’s band took a rest and he performed “Beat Up Bible” center-stage with just a microphone and his guitar. Demonstrating his ability to hit the lowest of low notes while maintaining perfect control over his voice, Aaron showed off his strong and solid skills, bringing the crowd to a hush as he sang of turning to the good book when nothing else is bringing solace during difficult times.

While the Irish-themed events might have been happening elsewhere in Nashville, Tennessee, the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day was The Basement. The audience members who made the conscious decision to forego green beer for an Aaron Parker performance likely saw a future superstar in a most intimate setting. And from seeing Aaron in such a small venue, I easily identified one quite amazing quality that I pray he never loses — the ability to outshine the lights that shine down upon him while he stands on a stage.

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