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With cuts by many other successful artists such as Parmalee, Dustin Lynch, Dallas Smith, and Jason Aldean, there’s no question Adam Craig has undeniable talent. Not only is he a top-tier songwriter, he’s now taking on the spotlight himself as a new artist on the Stoney Creek Records imprint of the Broken Bow Records Music Group.

His debut single, “Reckon,” was released to radio on Monday July 18, but some stations were already featuring the song on their “new country spotlights” and “country showdowns.” Make sure you tune in to your favorite local station to request this impactful new song. With a recently released debut EP and a radio tour in full swing, Adam Craig is making a name for himself as an artist that will be around for a long time. Here’s a little more from the man himself on his new career path, his new EP, and his first ever radio tour.

Can you talk a little about your life as a songwriter and the ongoing transition to becoming an artist yourself?

I love writing. I love being a part of the writing community in Nashville. One of the best feelings in the world is to have an artist that you’ve looked up to for years, record one of your songs. I’m very thankful now to have this opportunity to write songs for my own album. At first I was a little lost. The last 10 years I was chasing other artists’ sounds and direction and now I’m figuring out what I want to say and sound like. The guys I write with are amazing, we jumped back in the writers’ room and knocked out a bunch of songs I’m really proud of.

“Just A Phase” is probably my favorite song on your debut EP because it’s got a relaxed vibe but your voice really cuts through with those lyrics. Can you describe a little about each song on the new EP?

In short, yes. I love them all!

The only one on the record I didn’t write was “Reckon.” My producer and one of my best friends, Derek George, wrote that with Randy Montana and Jeremy Stover. I loved it the first time I heard it and knew I had to record it.

“Just A Phase” is just one of those songs where you gotta sing the dang thing! *laughs*

“Call It A Night” is a relatable song you know? We’re living it like it is so call it anything you like, we just call it a night.

“Born Wild” is my tip of the hat to Merle [Haggard]. It’s just a different style of song and we felt it was something special the second we finished writing it.

“It’s All Good” is currently my favorite song to see crowds sing back to during live shows. It’s a few years old but it still goes over well and it’s catchy with all kinds of audiences.

You have a unique experience on the radio tour because you have a more established background as a writer in the industry than a lot of new artists. What has been your experience with playing a full EP of songs in different markets across the country?

It’s been a dream come true getting to sit in front of these folks that have literally changed my life. They’ve played a couple songs I’ve written for other artists and now I get to sit with them and be the one singing. It’s been the best icebreaker *laughs* I’m very thankful.

Are there songs on your debut EP that you could have seen being recorded by other artists but you wanted to record them for your own project?

Well you never know right? I’m just happy I have this opportunity to put my voice to some of these songs and hopefully people will enjoy them as much as I do!

Adam Craig’s self-title debut EP, featuring his first single “Reckon,” is available now on iTunes. Don’t forget to follow him on Facebook and Twitter too! (He’s very responsive!)

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