Album Review: Trace Adkins – Love Will…

by Scotty Bredin.

In the past year, Trace Adkins has been an actor, Celebrity Apprentice, husband, and father.  Luckily for us, Trace is back yet again with new music.  It’s been two years since we’ve heard new music, but let me go on the record that this is one album that will not disappoint.

As the title, Love Will…, hints at, this album is focused around the theme of love.  To get the message across, Trace Adkins has called for a little help from a few friends.  The first single from the disc, “Watch the World End,” features the voice of Colbie Caillat.  We’ve heard Colbie on tracks from Jerrod Niemann, Taylor Swift, and Brad Paisley, so she is not new to the country music world.  The song itself was written by Brett Eldredge and Jeremy Spillman and is a ballad about the final hours of life.  With a chorus having lyrics such as “I don’t think I’d spend my last hours at an altar/or somewhere making toasts to good old days/the more I think about it/all I really wanna do/is watch the world end with you” this song is just as beautifully written as it is sung.  This song definitely has the potential to make it into the top 10, which hasn’t happened to Trace since “Just Fishing” back in 2011.

Other collaborations include the band Exile on their 1978 hit “Kiss You All Over” and the Harlem Gospel Choir on the album’s title track.  We first saw Trace work with Exile on the GAC show Hit Exchange, where they collaborated and performed the song on Fremont Street.  The blend of vocal would make you think that Trace has been a member of the group for decades.  “Love Will” is the second time The Harlem Gospel Choir has been on a Trace tune.  They were also on “Muddy Water” which was the first track in a chain of only mildly successful singles.  Unfortunately, this is yet another song that I think will be lost without a memorable chorus or stand out point.

Trace doesn’t need collaborators to show off his signature baritone voice, however.  Kicking off with the fun tale, “When I Stop Loving You,” emphasizes a love that will last an eternity.  There aren’t any songs on the disc that are as playful as “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” but there are plenty of well-written songs on the release.  I could hear “Say No To A Woman,” a song that tell’s what would happen if a man was able to just say no, as the next single. Whether it be a house, a child, or an outfit, there are a few things that would be different in a man’s life and this song tells the tale.  There are a few songs that are good songs, but just not single-ready, such as “The Altar of Your Love” and “Come See Me.”

“If The Sun Comes Up” was featured on the Act of Valor Soundtrack, so it may be recognized by true fans.  Keith Urban was able to take his song featured on that album up to the top 10 in the charts, but although this is a great song, I just don’t think that I could hear it on contemporary radio.  A song that I do think could be a future release is “Right Now” – a song about living in the moment and letting life take you where it leads, “baby there ain’t nothing here to figure out/don’t you know the world is ours right now.”

With over a dozen albums behind him, this is yet another valiant effort from Trace Adkins.  Show-Dog Universal has decided to release the disc before any single is out, so it will be interesting to see where this album will lead.  Be sure to pick up your copy on May 14th at your favorite music retailer.

Overall Grade: “B” – I love Trace, his voice, and his personality.  Unfortunately, there were just a few tracks that didn’t do much for me, so I couldn’t give him a higher grade.

Must Have Tracks: “Watch the World End” (feat. Colbie Caillat), “Say No To A Woman,” “When I Stop Loving You” & “Right Now”

You can purchase the album here.


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