Country Newcomer @AnnieBosko Releases #CrookedHalo Video (Watch!)

If you are a Sirius XM subscriber and you religiously tune into The Highway, like many of us at Country Music #CMchat, you will immediately recognize the name Annie Bosko. Annie, a Highway Find, has been flying full speed down The Highway with her new single, “Crooked Halo,” a song penned by Annie, Danny Myrick, and Nelly Joy.

As the title aptly foreshadows, “Crooked Halo” is a sassy song about a sweet woman with a spicy side. Though she may be hard to handle at times, she has a soft side that will win over hearts — once you break through the seemingly tough exterior. The rainbow that accompanies a storm, Annie compares the doubly layered lady as “an angel with a crooked halo.”

The music video, directed by Patrick Tracy, showcases other groundbreaking females in all different roles. Included in the video are teenage surfer, Frankie Harrer; X-Games silver medalist and Guinness World Record holder, Alana Smith; biker Karen Gorham; horse wrangler and cowgirl, Jay Ganibi; and Annie’s niece Kate Boskovich. In explaining her vision for the video, Annie explained:

I grew up a tomboy in California so I was constantly outside; riding dirt bikes, climbing trees, playing in the creek, horseback riding, surfing etc… I was the girl riding bikes with the neighborhood boys, jumping off ramps and scraping the side of my face. I thought it would be fun to feature some really cool females who march to the beat of their own drum and can hold their own in a man’s world, while maintaining grace and beauty.

Though Annie might have been a tomboy at one point in her life, there is no denying that this dazzling beauty is all female with talent, style, and confidence, made evident by the lyrics of her song and the energy in her video. We anticipate a successful future for this artist who may have a crooked halo, but certainly has the wings to soar in country music.

Watch Annie Bosko’s “Crooked Halo”

Annie Bosko


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