Annie Bosko

Annie Bosko might have grown up on the west coast, but her feet are planted firmly in Nashville, Tennessee these days as she works endlessly and tirelessly toward a long-awaited career in country music. Having grown up in a family of five children (yes, Annie has four siblings), the California native is certainly familiar with what it takes to be heard in an environment where being heard isn’t always easy. This is why, in her late twenties, Annie is still doing everything it takes to make sure she leaves her mark on music — no matter the sacrifice.

As the only musical one in a family of seven, it took awhile for Annie’s parents to accept the unique abilities of their middle child, but, eventually they allowed her to explore this whole new world. Literally, in fact, considering Annie’s first music job was as a teenager when she recorded a song for a Disney soundtrack. From there, the talented teenager took on a few other jobs, including singing “Happy Birthday” at Macaroni Grill, to curb her appetite for a taste of the music industry.

Ultimately Annie followed the path that was predetermined for her and she began college as a University of Southern California (“USC”) Trojan. She lasted two years as a student before she shelved her textbooks and headed east to the “ten-year town” of Nashville, Tennessee.

Becoming a resident of Music City meant a lot to Annie and the direction in which her career was heading, but, more so, it also meant that it was time to really focus and hone in on her songwriting skills. Annie began writing more and lending her voice to demos, truly putting forth every effort to develop her craft and make her name a household one. She even tried her hand at the reality competition show route after witnessing so many others finding the key to success in the hands of executive producers. Annie auditioned for American Idol and jokes that she “I made it to ‘American,’ but not ‘Idol.'” However, like every other opportunity, it helped shape her into the artist she is today.

So, who is Annie today? She is a well-respected member of the Nashville community who has opened or performed as background vocals for Darius Rucker, Adele, Josh Groban, Dierks Bentley, Big & Rich, Josh Turner, and more. She co-wrote her hit Sirius XM The Highway song, “Crooked Halo,” with Danny Myrick (Jason Aldean’s “She’s Country”, Craig Morgan’s “International Harvester”) and Danelle Leverett (Big & Rich’s “That’s Why I Pray,” Kelly Clarkson’s “The Sun Will Rise”). She released her first music video, with the help of Sirius XM The Highway, for “Crooked Halo,” filled with inspirational women like herself. She has turned her musical inspirations into peers and colleagues. And, she has new music on the brink in 2015.

What more could you look for in a Country Music #CMchat One to Watch? An interesting past, a promising present, and an undeniably bright future … this sounds like a recipe for success and the ingredients that make up Ms. Annie Bosko who, despite the tongue-in-cheek title of her song, is actually an absolute angel.

Watch for our Country Music #CMchat full interview with Annie Bosko in January 2015.

Watch Annie Bosko’s “Crooked Halo”

Annie Bosko

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