[email protected] Releases Sophomore Single “Target on My Heart” (Listen!)

Ashliegh Lisset came out of the gate almost one year ago with a heavy-hitting debut single, “Kill the Headlights.” For any artist, it is a dream come true to have his/her first song released to iTunes and radio; for Ashliegh, she one-upped that dream and was fortunate enough to have her first release written by her idol, Carrie Underwood. Ashliegh’s debut spent an impressive eight weeks on Sirius XM The Highway’s Top 30, setting the tone for this up and coming artist’s blossoming career.

It comes as no surprise that Ashliegh is back with her next offering, another surefire successful single, “Target on My Heart.” “Target” was written by Phil Barton, Kelly Archer, and Justin Weaver; also known as a Number 1 hit-maker and two renowned Nashville songwriters with jaw-dropping catalogs of artists/tracks. Ashliegh’s single tells the story of the irresistible bad boy who will inevitably break the girl’s heart, and, no matter what she does to try to protect herself from the pain he will undoubtedly cause, she has reached the realization that she can’t escape it.

The track’s introductory instrumentation is jam-packed with attitude, letting listeners know that the next three minutes and twenty seconds are well worth their while. The song contains clever lyrics including “he takes his aim and cocks a smile,” intelligently playing along with the theme of a man setting his sights on a woman’s heart and shooting her with cupid’s arrow, only to run once he has won her over. The powerful chorus goes:

There’s a target on my heart, his finger’s on the trigger and the gun is loaded. He’s gonna blow it apart and leave me in pieces, I just know it. I’m not talkin’ cupid’s arrow, he’s got smoke comin’ off the barrel, and I’m an easy mark, yeah yeah. I’ve got a target on my heart.

Also quite notably is the exceptional instrumental break that takes place during the bridge of the song. An edgy electric guitar run lends to the story, keeping with the theme of the dangerous guy with the “Born to Run” tattoo and a flippantly disposed of cigarette. The track is strategically crafted to tell a tale, using all components from Ashliegh’s strong, stellar vocal performance to the band’s incredible talent. This equation can quite simply be deemed a formula for success.

Make sure to download “Target on My Heart” from iTunes starting today (linked below), and let Sirius XM The Highway know you want to hear Ashliegh Lisset’s new single featured #OnTheHorizon!

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  1. Great story to introduce a new artist!

  2. Great song. Great artist! So happy for Ashliegh.

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