Album Review: Ayla Brown – Let Love In

Ayla Brown is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and businesswoman. Not only is she a country music artist but she owns her own record company and has performed on many nationally televised programs. Released in May 2015, her 13 song album Let Love In is sponsored by Texas Roadhouse and two of her songs are in rotation on their jukeboxes.

The album begins with the title track, “Let Love In,” and it portrays a message of hope and an upbeat sound that gives you a reason to get up and dance. While the majority of the CD is mid-tempo, there are a few upbeat songs and a few ballads mixed in to provide a good balance throughout. Highlighted by guitar and quick drum beats, the upbeat songs on the CD allow Brown’s energy and passion to shine. Meanwhile, the slower songs are simpler and showcase her clear and pure voice. A lot of the songs such as “Mr. Right,” “I Just Wanna Be Your Baby,” and “Turbulence” reflect the good (or the bad) in relationships and other real life experiences. That’s one of the qualities I enjoy most about country music as a genre, its ability to connect with people when the world is full of so much diversity.

I think my favorite song on the CD is “Plain Ole Me” because it describes something everyone has gone through at least once in life. In the modern age of technology and social media, we as a society have a tendency of always wanting to showcase our successes and how grand our lives are. But through that whole process we lose something vital to our own happiness, simple authenticity.  Brown sings in this song, “…sometimes I’ve got myself together, sometimes I’m just a mess,” and it’s the people in your life who will care and support you no matter what that you can truly be your “plain ole me” version of yourself with. That is a message that everyone needs to hear.

Have you heard Ayla Brown’s music before? You can check out Let Love In on iTunes or even buy individual songs straight from her website, under the “Music” tab. If you’re on social media, be sure to check out Brown’s Twitterview with @CMchatLIVE on Monday May 16th at 6pm Pacific Time / 9pm Eastern Time. You can join in the conversation by using the hashtag #CMChat or by going to

Ayla Brown

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