[email protected] Teams Up with @Pharrell on New Album

The Band Perry, consisting of sibling trio Kimberly, Neil, and Reid, is currently working on its third studio album, slated for release later this year. In discussing the anticipated offering, the sister and brothers Perry shared with CMT’s Cody Alan that they have been working with Pharrell Williams.

We’re being really crazy about the different collaborations that we’re diving into. We got to hang out with Pharrell a couple weeks ago. He’s like a huge country music fan, and he also really loves what we do with harmony. One thing that we worked on with him was this song where all three of us sing different interwoven vocals on the verse and on the chorus.

This isn’t the first time The Band Perry has talked about its upcoming release; however, the threesome wasn’t particularly forthcoming when giving information.

As opposed to “Pioneer,” which is all about being the underdog and rising above circumstance, this album has a lot more of a fun atmosphere around it. When it even comes to the songs that we’re choosing to start working on, it’s all about, “How does it make us feel?” If it makes us feel good and if has a fun vibe about it, that is the path that we are walking down.

If you weren’t already getting antsy about new The Band Perry music, you must be on the edge of your seat now, knowing that Pharrell, the music prodigy, is involved. Of course, as more information is released, we will have it for you right here on Country Music’s #CMchat.

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