Beat This Winter Tour: Concert Review (Brad Paisley, Chris Young, Danielle Bradbery, Dee Jay Silver)

Brad Paisley made a stop in Orlando, FL Saturday night with some famous friends…Danielle Bradbery, Chris Young and Dee Jay Silver. The Beat This Winter Tour was nothing short of spectacular.


Season 4 winner of The Voice, Danielle Bradbery, opened the show and delivered a solid performance. Her vocals were more powerful than I expected and she has a sweet but confident way she interacts with her band. The audience especially responded when she sang her latest chart topper, “Heart of Dixie“.


Chris Young was flawless. He is possibly the only artist that can get everyone on their feet dancing to songs like “Aw Naw” and then have them swooning the very next minute to heartfelt songs like “Who I Am With You“. No matter what he is performing he has a magnetism that makes the audience feel something, which is the ultimate goal for any musician. His set is a journey. You party, love, break up, tailgate and have a total blast. If this guy isn’t headlining by next year, there is something gravely wrong in this industry.


Brad Paisley, are you kidding me? Ive seen Brad in concert many times and this was my favorite by far. He sums up country music in a 2 hour set. With a dynamic stage presence, jaw dropping special effects, extravagant light show and humor throughout the entire performance you are left simply awed. Brad opened the show with “Southern Comfort Zone” and throughout pays tribute to many greats that have gone before him. He had a little surprise for Orlando when he announced he was going to give a little band that wanted stage time a chance. The audience was less than thrilled until that “little band” happened to be Rascal Flatts. Through continuous screaming, Rascal Flatts took the stage with Brad to sing Merle Haggard’s “I Think Ill Just Stay Here and Drink” and then their own “Fast Cars and Freedom“. “Beat This Summer“, the song that inspired the tour name, began with a “Let It Snow Medley“. Another favorite was when he sang a duet of “Remind Me” with a hologram of Carrie Underwood so real that some still don’t believe she wasn’t present.


Brad Paisley made a point to say that Chris Young was the nicest guy he has had on tour with him. He made mention though that it was a wee bit awkward that Chris likes to give all the guys massages a little too often and then went on to dedicate “Im Still A Guy” to him. Dee Jay Silver kept the crowd rocking between sets with his electrifying music mix, girls were line dancing on the floor and even a Brad impersonator was spotted busting a move. The concert ended with an encore of “Alcohol” and all artists back on the stage wrapping up a 4 hour nonstop party.

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