EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Ben Bradford “Just A Little Bit”

Ben Bradford proved his potential when his video for “Tequila Makes The World Go ‘Round” reached No. 3 on the CMT Pure Chart, and he went on to become one of CMT’s Listen Up Artists for 2014. Now, he is back now with an indelible new single, “Just A Little Bit” written by Dustin Lynch, Shane McAnally and Jimmy Robbins.

When the music begins, it feels like the sonic version of one’s brain waves. As it progresses, the lyrics diligently accompany that feeling. It’s like being inside the head of a man, laying eyes for the first time, on a girl he’s interested in. In the opening lyrics, delicate, curious vocals express the internal thought process. “Have you been alone for a while? Or Just a Little Bit? I was thinkin’ I could make you smile, for just a little bit. That’s why I’m going to walk on over, in just a little bit…” This is a feel-good song that poses one’s hesitant thoughts, using the phrase “just a little bit” to build confidence, leading to bolder, powerful vocals as the song concludes.

“I am more of a laid-back type when it comes to approaching someone I’m interested in, but when I do make a move, it’s with full intent and sincerity. ‘Just A Little Bit’ captures that for me. I want people to enjoy it like they would a summer romance,” Bradford says of this flirty song. I personally can’t get enough of it! You can also look forward to a music video release in the near future, so stay tuned!

“Just A Little Bit” will release to iTunes for purchase on July 24, but until then, you can get an exclusive listen here!

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In the meantime you can buy Ben Bradford’s “Tequila Makes the World Go Round.”

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Author: Tiera Bolt

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