Big Smo and Darius Rucker Starring Big Smo on AETV Ep9 Recap

Episode 9 of Big Smo gave us some insight as to what inspires Big Smo and his boys. The pressure is on now that Big Smo’s record label, Warner Music Nashville, set up a co-write with Darius Rucker … in mere days!

Just to recap Big Smo on A&E TV is a real life series following country rapper, Big Smo, as he takes his unique style of music to new heights with the support of lifelong friends, loyal fans, and his beloved family. It is a behind the scenes look at Country Rapper, King of Hick Hop Big Smo’s family, music, and rise to stardom. His music is Country fried rock rap otherwise know as HICK HOP.  It’s a sub-genre of Country Music with a twist of southern rock and roll delivered in a rap form.

Big Smo has a few nick names, the King of Hick Hop, King of the Country, Boss of the Stix, Hick Ross, Big Boss, The Big Smocephus but call him what you want to call him, this is one of the first reality shows to come along in a long time where the star is authentic and I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone like Big Smo, who always tells it the way it is, especially through his music, and has a posse around him like manager Dan Nelson, singers Haden Carpenter and Alexander King as well as his beautiful other half Whitney, along with his Mama, children and kinfolk (the name he gives his fans).

Big Smo and Darius Rucker

In this episode, Big Smo’s daughters are whisked away for the weekend by Mama, and you all know what that means — private time for Smitney! As Smo is smomanticizing the house for a special few days, he asks Whitney to pick up a few love nest essentials (champagne, strawberries, chocolate, caramel…). However, before the fun can begin, Smo has a meeting with his record label, Warner Music Nashville. 

During his meeting, we learn that Smo is about to head out on a radio tour, but, before that, Warner fills him and his manager, Dan, in on a little plan they have made. Smo will be meeting with Darius Rucker to co-write … on Monday. Smo is told he has to come to the session prepared (especially considering Darius only has a few hours in Nashville because he is out on tour), so the pressure is on! And that whole romantic weekend … you guessed it. That’s off!

To gain inspiration for the co-write, Smo tells the guys they are heading out to the woods. Smo explains that he and his boys are inspired by nature. “Does a Smo write in the woods?” he asks. “You bet your ass he does!” When they get to their destination, Smo shares that “writing sessions usually include[] a little fishing, a little drinking, a little barbecuing. Well, it’s a lot of fishing, a whole lot of drinking, and definitely a lot of barbecuing.”

Once the songwriting begins, the guys attempt to channel Smo’s “inner Darius Rucker.” Smo explains that he and Darius may sound very different, but they are cut from the same musical cloth, as they both approach music from the “home grown” perspective. Meanwhile, back at Smo’s, the ladies (Whitney, Alex’s wife, and JJ’s wife) decide to surprise their men out in the woods. Once the women arrive and knock some sense into their distracted men, the group sits down, gets inspired, and finds themselves prepared for the big co-write.

When Monday rolls around, Smo meets with Darius to pen what he is referring to as his “welcome mat anthem.” With Darius loving what he heard, “My Place” (a song featured on Smo’s debut album) was born. You can hear “My Place” by downloading Big Smo’s Kuntry Livin on iTunes!

 Check your local listings to catch Big Smo on A&E TV, or you can get it on demand right here.

“You can tell when something’s real,” says the man known simply as Big Smo. “You can tell when it’s true. And I think what’s made us successful and gotten us this far is that we’re just real people, down-home country folk who really love to make music. People see that.”

Word of mouth, charged by the Internet, meant Smo could count his YouTube views in the millions before he talked to a record label. Low-budget videos showcasing his 32-acre farm, which has been passed down for generations, is his home base HQ. Homegrown in Tennessee, the self-proclaimed Boss of the Stix seamlessly weaves his work and play, his lifestyle and music on that farm, as compellingly as he weaves country, rock and hip-hop together.

His loyal fans – who he affectionately calls his Kinfoke – had better get ready to share Big Smo with an even larger audience.

​The reason begins with the release of his major-label debut (June 3 on Warner Bros. records), titled Kuntry Livin’, a 13-song look inside the mind and music of one of the world’s true originals. Followed by a debut of an A&E original series centered on the country rapper, and it’s obvious this larger-than-life Tennessean has entered new territory – with every bit of the edge that brought him here.

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