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Surf bum Billy Currington stopped in on June 3rd for a Twitterview with Country Music #CMChat host Jessica Northey to talk about his new album “Summer Forever” and dish about some unique facts about himself…was interesting about surfing Georgia, not somewhere you think of as surf country, and boy does he like to drink his own creations, beer, juicing, coconut water…GO BILLY!

Q1  What makes a song/music “Country”?   


Q2  Do you define yourself based mainly on your intentions, your actions, or something else?

I define myself by many things in life not subject to just these three things it is all that and lots more.

Q3  Where did you learn to surf? fav surf spot? Goofy foot or regular? Longboard or shortboard? via @joycecherrier

Georgia, where I grew up. Anywhere in Hawaii. Regular but can do goofy.

Q4   I hear you like to brew your own beer…any tips for someone who might want to get started? via @sneezeguard

Seek out a  place that sells home brewing equipment and they will have all the info you need

Q5    Define your album #SummerForever in 5 words?  via @imtaylorrrr

This is absolutely my life

Q6  what does the song #SummerForever mean to you &  co-writer @ColeSwindell  Via @kimberlyeowens

@ColeSwindell  its nice to be able to share music with other artists in the same genre

Q7   Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you? 

most of the beer I am pretty good at drinking is beer I brewed myself

From brewing his own beer to revealing that he hits the waves in Hawaii, this hot man of the salty sun wishes that it was “Summer Forever”. You can check out “Summer Forever” now on iTunes or his website. You can also see if he will be heading into a town near you by following him on social media!

You can follow Billy Currington on Twitter or check out tour dates plus on his website.

Billy Currington – Drinkin’ Town With Football Problem (Lyrics)

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Billy Currington Summer Forever

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