Have No Fear, Billy Currington Says There Is Nothing Going on with His Video Co-Star

Billy Currington is a hot commodity. Maybe it’s those sexy curls or that sly little grin; whatever it is, he is usually the source of admiration, so when fans watched the “Don’t It” video, they were demanding to know how well Billy knew his beautiful, brunette co-star. There’s a particular scene in the video that is ultra romantic and cozy. But…good news guys…Billy had never seen her before they shot the video in Nashville.

I didn’t know the girl. I still don’t know her. I’ll probably never see her again. But for that moment, that day, we had good chemistry. It was easy to do that. Hopefully, I made you feel like she’s real, and the love was real. It was a good time.

The country stud should look into acting deals; he was pretty convincing. Of course, the ambiance of the scene certainly helped add that romantic flair. The clip was shot at an old theater in downtown Nashville.

“Don’t It” is the lead single from Billy’s new studio album, due out later this year.

Need to know what the fuss is about? Check out the “Don’t It” video below:

Author: Country Cadre

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