Album Review: Billy Currington – Summer Forever

When you listen to a Billy Currington album, one thing is very apparent. You’re not going to get a lot of sadness or heavy-handed messages. While admitting that he loves sad songs as much as anyone, the singer has made a name for himself with songs that simply make you smile and feel good. “Good Directions,” “We Are Tonight,” and “People Are Crazy” are just three examples of this philosophy at work. The first single from Summer Forever, the energetic “Don’t It,” has already topped the Billboard Country Airplay charts – so he must be “Doing Something Right.” (That was so obvious…but still true!)

For his sixth studio album, he has put together a winning collection of songs that should very well make your summer soundtrack. “Wake Me Up,” “Jonesin,” and the lifting “Nowhere Town” will all leave you singing along very loud – as your windows seemingly roll down by themselves. “Do I Make You Wanna,” “Sweet Love,” and “Good Night” each could very well be one of those songs that you connect with a first date, first kiss, or first anything. The latter works particularly well, thanks to some dead-on harmonies from Jessie James Decker.

And, then there’s the hit of the album – “Drinkin’ Town With A Football Problem.” Face it, whether you’re from Oregon, Arizona, Maryland, or Tennessee, there’s something special about Friday nights at the football field. There’s no doubt that this track is going to be especially huge. Whether you root for the Cougars, Bulldogs, or Patriots, you’ll identify with this one – as you will with the whole album. You’re not going to shed any tears listening to this album, and that’s the point. Summer is about feeling good, and Summer Forever showcases that emotion to the max!

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Billy Currington – Drinkin’ Town With Football Problem (Lyrics)

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Billy Currington Summer Forever

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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