Exclusive World Premiere of @BlackRiverENT New Country Trio @BrassfieldAly’s “Cheap Shades” Lyric Video (Watch!)

Sirius XM subscribers have been fortunate enough to be exposed to “Cheap Shades,” the new, upbeat song with a carefree attitude that screams “feel good tune.” Now, country music fans everywhere are being given the opportunity to hear this track and meet the three talented artists behind it. Brassfield Aly is a trio, comprised of Bradley and Chadley Brassfield and Aly Cutter. The three met in Nashville, formed a trio, and were signed to Black River Entertainment’s label, Passport Records, almost immediately.

Brassfield Aly’s debut single, entitled “Cheap Shades,” is a song about cruising around town, seeing all the beauty that life has to offer — through an inexpensive pair of sunglasses. “Cheap Shades” celebrates the intricacies of summer, combined with spending time with someone you love, as the chorus goes:

I got my cheap shades, workin’ on a left arm tan. I got all I need when I got you in my hands. I get my gold in the sunshine kissin’ your face, and right now life’s lookin’ pretty dang good through my cheap shades, cheap shades, yeah.

With the scenery in front of him, and the woman he loves beside him, the lead male in the “Cheap Shades” story could ask for nothing more. And country music fans also couldn’t ask for more from Brassfield Aly’s debut offering. The blending of the Brassfield and Aly Cutter vocals is seamless and receives support from islandish strings and percussion, creating a fun song-listening experience from the opening notes. Once the musicality is coupled with the endearing story of a man’s love for a woman, the combination is foolproof.

Check out the WORLD PREMIERE of Brassfield Aly’s “Cheap Shades” lyric video below and download the track from iTunes (linked beneath the video). And make sure to follow us on Twitter at @CMchatLIVE and let us know what you think of Brassfield Aly’s debut single.

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  1. Great song for all old and young I new the frist time I heard Bradley and chadley that they were blessed and that musician pevy he is the bomb. and aly they would not be who they are with out you…..love u guys……

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