[email protected] and @AshleyMonroe Release #LonelyTonight Video (Watch!)

Following their beautiful performance at the 48th Annual CMA Awards, Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe elated fans with the release of an official music video for their duet “Lonely Tonight.” The song, which is housed on Blake’s most recent album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, is a gorgeous ballad of yearning that has each artist’s fan bases swooning over the collaboration.

In our review of Blake’s ninth studio album (which debuted at Number 1), we referred to “Lonely Tonight” as an album highlight, hoping it would become a single, and a hit one at that. As previously stated, “with Blake’s smooth voice and the unfathomably sensational vocals of the all-too-underrated Ashley Monroe, this track is, hands down, going to be a fan favorite and, hopefully, an eventual (and therefore inevitable hit) single.”

The video, in keeping with the lyrics, shows each of the vocalists singing solo about missing one another. With Blake standing on a rooftop with a gorgeous backdrop and Ashley riding in a limo, presumably to meet up with the man she can’t stop thinking about, the two blend their voices gorgeously, rationalizing a rendezvous to avoid the loneliness each is experiencing. At the end of the video, the two bridge the gap and are seen together, staring at each other in a hotel suite with floor to ceiling windows. The spectacular chorus goes:

We don’t have to be lonely tonight (need you, want you, I’m right here); we don’t have to be lonely tonight (I know we shouldn’t, but I don’t care); I don’t wanna be right, I don’t wanna be strong, I just wanna hold you till the heartbreak’s gone, when the sun comes up, we can both move on, we don’t have to be lonely tonight.

Perhaps it is the real-life friendship between Blake and Ashley (due to Ashley’s close bond with Blake’s superstar wife, Miranda Lambert), but the chemistry between the two — both visually and vocally — is incomparable. A sexy, sultry, yet sweet-natured track, “Lonely Tonight” is a booty call’esque tune that is cloaked as a love song due to the romanticism of the melody and the tenderness of the lyrics.

Watch Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe’s “Lonely Tonight” video here:

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