Single Review: @BlakeShelton “My Eyes” (feat @GwenSebastian)

There are songs that you hear and, at first listen, you can close your eyes and transport yourself into a scenario with the lyrics and melody telling the story as you sail through your visualization. Blake Shelton’s next single, “My Eyes,” featuring Gwen Sebastian, is just that kind of song.

Let me paint a picture for you. You are dressed up and ready to go on a date with a very special someone. You enter the room, your eyes meet, and your plans … well, what plans? The only thing you want to do is be alone with that person and you cannot possibly soak him/her in fast enough.

In this slow, soft, sexy, and sultry single, Shelton takes one look at his love and can barely control himself. Shelton croons, “You take beautiful to the max, I can’t help myself when you look like that.” Shelton compares this woman to all the beautiful sights that surround them, but concludes that nothing amounts to how gorgeous she is in his eyes. Shelton’s vocals are the epitome of inviting and flawlessly contribute to the delivery of a message of love and longing, rather than one of mere lust.

Sebastian, who currently also has a single with Miranda Lambert (“Annie’s New Gun“), joins Shelton for the seductive chorus, “Come a little closer, come a little closer, come a little closer, love the way you look tonight. My eyes are the only thing I don’t want to take off of you.” The inclusion of Sebastian creates layers in the song, making the chorus even more sensual (and consensual) than the verses. Sebastian was a perfect choice to lend supplemental vocals to this track, as she has an extraordinary gift of metamorphosing into any role she portrays in a song and blending seamlessly with her counterparts. Her recent projects and collaborations simply speak for themselves.

“My Eyes” is a foolproof song to play on a romantic night when you have no true intention of ever leaving home. Men, take note — if this song is played for a woman who is already swooning over you, she will spend the entire night doin’ what YOU like!

You will be able to catch Shelton and Sebastian performing “My Eyes” LIVE at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday, April 6th, on CBS.

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