Major “Awww” Moment When @BlakeShelton Joins Wife @MirandaLambert on Stage

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have already been ranked one of country music’s cutest couples. People can’t get enough of their cute antics at award shows and if they mention one another in an interview – people melt.

So, naturally when Blake surprised guests at Miranda’s Oklahoma City show and jumped on stage to sing “God Gave Me You” to AND with Miranda. It was pretty much cuteness overload. And the fact the song was done acoustically made it even more intimate.

In setting the stage for the big surprise, Miranda stated:

I don’t usually do two acoustic songs in the middle of my set, but I think I should tonight – because I brought my husband with me.

That’s when Blake came out and responded “Hello, Oklahoma” and the level of noise at the concert was almost sonic boom status as the country superstar strolled on to the stage in a bright red shirt and his usual jeans. “I wanted to do this song tonight because Miranda is the reason I recorded this song.”

Umm…I’m sorry. I don’t care who you are; that is some serious knees weak, heart in your stomach stuff.

Watch Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert on stage together

Author: Country Cadre

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