[email protected] Gets a New Job…at @PizzaHut?!

Imagine walking into your favorite fast food restaurant and finding someone who look an awful lot like one of your favorite country stars working behind the counter. That’s exactly what happened to some unsuspecting folks who entered a California Pizza Hut. They may have walked in dreaming of Stuffed Crust and breadsticks, but they left with something even better than a pizza: a random meet and greet with none other than Pizza Hut spokesman, Blake Shelton.

In the clips, Blake claims that his name is “Stephen,” but his attempts at passing as a Pizza Hut Employee are about as successful as Garth Brooks’ attempt at passing for Chris Gaines.

Maybe it’s his height, or his drawl (in the middle of California) or the fact that he’s one of the biggest stars on the planet, but without hesitation, pretty much every Pizza Hut patron realizes that “Stephen” is in fact Shelton. Either way, these clips are adorable and remind me how much I love Blake Shelton…and also, how much I could go for a stuffed crust pizza.

Watch Blake Shelton moonlight as “Stephen” here!


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