[email protected] Oohs and Ahhs Over Gift from @BarbraStreisand

Because being Blake Shelton doesn’t suck, he was recently invited by funny girl, Barbra Streisand, to record a duet on her new album, Partners. And because singing alongside one of the most phenomenal voices that has ever escaped human lips isn’t gift enough, Streisand sent her “I’d Want It to Be You” partner a very special “thank you” token. In fact, this gift meant so much to Shelton that he shoved his enormous collection of awards to the side to make the present the central focal point of his display.

“She sent me a piece of crystal that was like, ‘Thank you, Love Barbra.’ I pushed all my awards away and put that in the middle,” he insists. “It was so cool, like, ‘See, she knows me. I knew it.’”

It comes as no surprise that Streisand is grateful to Shelton (and her other collaborative partners on the album), as Partners debuted at Number 1, making Streisand the only singer to top the charts in each decade for the last sixty years. But would you really expect anything less from someone who has garnered as much respect for her talent as she has since the beginning of her career?

Listen to Blake Shelton duet with Barbra Streisand here:

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