Livin’ the Dream with @blakeshelton

Blake Shelton, known for his quick wit and speaking his mind, posted what I thought was a funny status on his Facebook page yesterday.

Attention everyone in Nashville.. Can we be done with the catch phrase “Livin’ the dream”…?!!!! Please for Christ sake…

It cracked me up because he’s so right. As I comb through social media and bios not a day goes by that I don’t come across “livin’ the dream” at least three flippin times. I laughed, and shared it on my page.

Apparently I was in the minority because his page literally blew up with born again christians that were pissed off with another part of the post. I grew up in a home where OMG was more offensive than the F word but never would have thought that “please for Christ’s sake” could be so offensive. In case you missed it, here are a few snippets…..

  • Blake why must you use Our Lord’s name in vain???
  •  Was that really necessary – could have said for goodness sake, etc, etc.
  • Please leave Christ out if it!!!
  • Come on Blake, we don’t use your name in vain, please give Christ the “respect” He so rightly deserves!
  •  ” for Christ sake” ? You mean for your sake and that’s a shameful use of words. Smh.
  •  What about the one”for Christ sake” u won’t be livin the dream if ya keep using his name in vain!!
  • Christ has got u where u are today, don’t forget that.
  • Christ has nothing to do with it Blake.
  • I agree….but watch your mouth for the love of god.
  • Please Blake…..DO NOT TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD IN VAIN!! Your music went down quite a few notches just now!!!
  • I am PISSED by the phrase, “For Christs Sake”” To me that is not using Christs name properly. Highly offended. It was for our sake he died. Come on Blake. Very offended!!! SHAMEFUL
  • Why use Christ name like that, he saved you?
  • Seriously, what’s the purpose of using “Christ” in this comment? Why not say Buddha or something other than “Christ”..haven’t we as a people attacked Him enough?

Just in case that didn’t give you enough of an idea you can go to to read an additional 1535 comments. Can we all join hands and sign Kum by ya now?


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