[email protected] Song Gets Banned From Radio

UPDATE: Bobby Bones played his song “Shoot A Deer” after being warned by management yesterday not to play the song again or he will be removed from the rest of the broadcast. Mr. Bones, like a BOSS, sticks it to the man and left Amy, Lunchbox and Eddie to continue the show. Well played Bones, well played. Hear you tomorrow, Bobby!

YESTERDAY: If there’s two things country music fans love it’s Luke Bryan and hunting. Am I right? Well Bobby Bones from ‘The Bobby Bones Show‘ does parodies of popular songs every once in awhile with his The Raging Idiots group. This time they did a parody of Luke Bryan’s “Drink A Beer” titled “Shoot A Deer“. Normally, the group’s songs get many compliments and requests from the show’s listeners. But this one, according to Bones’ recent tweet had to be taken out of rotation and banned from radio due to complaints.


And just to show that he wasn’t lying, there was this:

Hear the song for yourself and tell us your thoughts!

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  1. Just change the station if the song comes on and you don’t want to hear it! Some people have to hunt for their food, so stop whining about it! Go Deer! 🙂

  2. I love the song and actually want you to post the lyrics so I can sing for my husband when he drags Me hunting! 😉

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