Brad Paisley thinks a nude photo scandal is what the CMA monologue needs…

With the dynamic duo of Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood returning to host the CMA’s again this year, Brad is thinking they need to really spice things up to keep the hype up.

Brad and Carrie were on Late Night With Seth Meyers on October 27th to promote the upcoming broadcast. And per usual they are looking forward to poking some fun at their fellow country artists. No one is safe.

“I feel like we know them well enough to know who really laughs at themselves, and who takes themselves a little more seriously,” Underwood explains.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are great,” Paisley reveals. “We’ve picked on them a bunch. Of course, when you put out Barbie dolls … that was the biggest gift we’ve ever been given.”

The show is getting pretty close, but Brad thinks there is still time for something extra saucy to happen to give him some ammo for the monologue.

“Dolls would be fine, but naked photos are great,” he said. Obviously taking about the recent celeb photo scandal.

“Do you have any?” he asked Underwood.

“Any wishes?” she responds innocently, before catching on and adding, “Any naked photos? Oh, nooooo.”

Good thing good girl Carrie cleared that up! Well…one thing is for sure I will be glued to my screen because Carrie and Brad are in the no filter zone!

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Wanna see it for yourself? Check it out below.

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