[email protected] Releases New Single #CrushinIt to Radio (Listen!)

Following the success of Brad Paisley’s “Perfect Storm” off his latest album Moonshine in the Trunk, Paisley has released his third single from the record to radio stations across the nation. The complete antithesis of his Number 1 slower tempo’ed song about a wildly wonderful woman, “Crushin’ It” is filled with humor and snark; the things that Paisley is best known for in- and outside of his music.

An acoustic sounding party song that celebrates using the weekends to escape real life, “Crushin’ It” encourages drinking away those woes and taking out any additional pent up aggression on a can and just crushing it. An ode to checking your problems at the door and finding solitude in a good cold one, Paisley revisits his comedic musical side with lyrics like:

I figured this out in college, walking passed them Gothic columns, that I was gonna probably wind up somewhere mmm near the bottom. I was never gonna be the best and brightest guy around, but like the great George freakin’ Strait, I’m the king of getting unwound.

The good news is, even if you are chalked up as a loser because you haven’t knocked one out of the park in awhile or failed your significant other in some way, there is a solution to your problem — down a few beers and crush those cans on your head. While it may not change the way others see you, if you’re crushing those cans hard enough, you may soon forget your problems even exist!

So, the next time you have a bad week, just remember to tell yourself that:

Every week has a weekend, by this time Friday night, I’ll be done with my third can of cold Bud Light, and I’ll be crushin’ it, yeah I’ll be crushin’ it.

Listen to Brad Paisley’s “Crushin’ It”

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