[email protected] and Wife @KimWilliamsPais Renew Wedding Vows

Brad Paisley and his everything, wife Kimberly Williams Paisley, recently renewed their wedding vows at a small ceremony at a friend’s home. Though the celebration wasn’t flawless, it was the perfect storm for the famous pair.

In discussing their vow renewal with People, Williams-Paisley shared:

We did a really campy wedding-vow-renewal ceremony at a friend’s house. It was awesome. You could see my pink pantie. It was either Spanx or pink panties!

And while the event itself was awesome, the after party was equally special as the two indulged in a romantic evening of bedtime storytelling:

Well, we’re parents now. So the night ended with a nice bedtime story.

The Paisleys have two sons, Huck (8) and Jasper (5) who are both, according to Williams-Paisley, wonderful kids to be around.

We love hanging out with them My oldest son has just started reading like crazy. He loves comic books. He loves Calvin and Hobbes. He’s halfway through the Harry Potter series. They both have hilarious and unique personalities.

Williams-Paisley also shared that while neither she nor her husband wish to force their children down any particular professional path, she does anticipate there could be a future in music for one or both of their sons.

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