Review: @BradPaisley’s “Moonshine in the Trunk” (Now Available!)

Brad Paisley has spent the last several weeks teasing his new album, leaking song clips without record label permission, tweeting with astronauts in outer space, and eliciting the help of Ellen DeGeneres to share one of his most profound offerings to date. Today, Moonshine in the Trunk became available on iTunes and in stores, releasing Paisley’s label from any further stress related to his humorous antics and delighting fans who have become increasingly excited about this album as of late.

The album certainly can’t be said to have a specific theme, other than phenomenal country music with a little bit of partying, a little bit of comedy, a little bit of motivation and inspiration, and a whole lot of songs waiting for their chances to become Paisley’s next big hit. The album starts with “Crushin’ It” and “River Bank,” kicking the album off with some tunes equipped to accompany country boys and girls during a good time. “River Bank” served as the first single off Moonshine and already paved the way for the tracks to follow, peaking at Number 2 on the Billboard U.S. Country Airplay chart.

The title track to the album is comprised of all the elements fans have come to expect from Paisley’s up-tempo tracks; a classic country sound, a line dance-worthy beat, catchy and comedic lyrics, and immediate placement on their “party tracks” playlists. Joining “Moonshine in the Trunk” on that playlist is “Limes,” a song dedicated to the hard times in life that push you to do what anyone else in your situation would do — pull out the blender, grab the Tequila, throw in a few limes, and kick back some margaritas.

Highlights on the album include “Perfect Storm,” a slow-tempo track about the woman he loves. An apparent follow-up to his 2006 Number 1 hit “She’s Everything,” “Perfect Storm” shows off Paisley’s more vulnerable side, departing from the funny guy we have come to know and love and detouring starkly from the party songs that surround it on the album. The lyrics go “and she destroys me in that t-shirt, and I love her so much it hurts; I never meant to fall like this, but she don’t just rain, she pours; that girl right there’s the perfect storm.” Additionally, as we previously reported, “Shattered Glass” is an undeniable bright spot on the album, offering “a positive message of hope, motivation, and good ole fashion girl power to the next female generation with dreams that might have seemed unattainable years ago.”

Rounding out the album’s standouts are “JFK 1962” and “American Flag on the Moon.” “JFK 1962” is a historical lead-in to “American Flag on the Moon,” spotlighting the voice of John F. Kennedy and putting his speech about going to the moon to music. We previously reviewed “American Flag on the Moon” when Paisley leaked it from a NASA launch pad, pointing out that the song is one of motivation to dream the impossible dream. “The chorus goes, ‘tonight I dare you to dream. Go on, believe impossible things, whenever anybody says there’s anything we can’t do. ‘Cause after all, there’s an American flag on the moon.'”

What Paisley fans can anticipate from Moonshine in the Trunk is a roller coaster ride that travels the tracks of every facet of country music. Just when you think Paisley is taking you on a fast turn around a celebratory corner, he slows it down a bit, showing his versatility and providing music relative to historical and current affairs. Bookending the album with a party song and an acoustic ballad entitled “Me and Jesus” speaks volumes as to the inability to pigeonhole this album (or Paisley) anywhere but under the umbrella of country music.

Watch the videos below to get a sneak peek of some of Paisley’s new songs and make sure to click on the iTunes banner below and download your copy of Moonshine on the Trunk, available today. Let us know what you think of Paisley’s latest release by following us on Twitter @CMchatLIVE.

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