[email protected] Busts Out “Shattered Glass” Lyric Video on @TheEllenShow (Watch!)

Oh Brad Paisley. You certainly are grabbing our attention and keeping your album’s release in our heads. Mission accomplished! We have already seen Paisley on a tweet spree and communicating with outer space as he’s shared tracks from his upcoming album Moonshine in the Trunk. This time, Paisley visited Ellen DeGeneres’ show to premiere “Shattered Glass” and its lyric video.

“Shattered Glass” is a slower song dedicated to the little girls of the world, insisting that they can do anything to which they set their minds. The track cleverly refers to the proverbial “glass ceiling” that has served as a barrier for women and other minorities to advance in their professions. This release comes at quite the opportune time, as eyes across the globe have been glued to televisions watching young Mo’ne Davis make history at the Little League World Series. The track encourages girls to spread their wings and fly toward greatness, even though people may try to clip their wings and restrain them. The first chorus, spoken from the perspective of a parent, asserts:

Bust that ceiling out, the sky’s the limit now, the world is changing fast. Rare your head back and roar like you ain’t ever done before. It’s your time at last. All you’ve been through ain’t in vain, come on baby make it rain down shattered glass.

The lyric video shows a montage of young girls around the Nashville area, playing guitar and/or holding up signs that contain the lyrics to Paisley’s song as they show off big, confident grins. The second verse also shows a couple of young boys holding up lyric signs, supporting their female counterparts and emboldening them to never give up and to follow their dreams. The next chorus, spoken from the perspective of the male half of a relationship, insists:

Bust that ceiling out, the sky’s the limit now, time to make up for the past. Rare your head back and roar like you ain’t ever done before. I wanna see you kick some ass. I’m so proud to know you girl, the most beautiful thing in the world is all this shattered glass.

The song offers a positive message of hope, motivation, and good ole fashion girl power to the next female generation with dreams that might have seemed unattainable years ago. This is certainly a song to share with your teens and pre-teens to remind them that they can be successful in any area they choose because times are changing and they have support to pursue anything and everything.

Watch Paisley’s “Shattered Glass” lyric video here and order his upcoming album Moonshine in the Trunk (releasing this Monday, August 25th) using the iTunes banner below:

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