From A Fan’s Perspective: Weekend Warrior World Tour.

When was the last time you experienced live country music? It is so much different than listening on the radio to a studio-produced track. In person, it’s more like being part of a really cool jam session.

The venue plays an important part in the overall experience. Mattress Firm Amphitheater in Chula Vista checked all the boxes. The people that worked there made all the difference. Really nice and helpful – yes, that matters.

First act – sets the tone for the evening. If you follow baseball, think leadoff hitter. If you’re a Chicago Cubs fan, think specifically when Anthony Rizzo hit first Pure joy on his face those first games – wow! Tone set.

Ok, back to the music – the night opened with Lindsay Ell (“Waiting On You”). Got there early, but it was so Worth The Wait. Ok, that’s the title of her new EP, but seemed to fit how I felt. Recently read that when asked where she feels most alive, her reply was “on stage.” Mutual – not that I’ve been there – but she brought together strangers and made them feel like friends. It’s a great feeling, by the way, to hang with 20,000 friends. When her guitar playing blends with her song’s lyrics, wow – Brad Paisley put it best when he said her guitar playing put his to shame. Literally sounded like her guitar was singing – on its own.

Chase Bryant was the next act. He knows how to connect to fans. And he sure knows a thing or two about electrifying a crowd with serious guitar licks to accompany his “Room To Breathe” tune.

Next up was Dustin Lynch. First saw him at a local radio station promotion when “Cowboys and Angels” was released. Dustin has the ability to take the passion of an intimate performance and transform it for thousands, drawing them in, and singing along with every word – talent. He introduced a song “Love Me Or Leave Me (spoiler alert: it was great) that will be on his upcoming album.

Mr. Paisley. Master-of-the-art. Brad was a non-stop explosion of everything that is right about country music. The experience, he is all about the fans. The stunning visuals – the videos, the lights – all set the upbeat tone. Think of a checklist of everything you hope to walk away from a concert having experienced. Check and double check. Hit after hit brought to life with his stellar guitar playing, homemade videos, and his commentary of them.

Check out upcoming dates for the Weekend Warrior World Tour shows.

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