Brandon Alan

Brandon Alan is a country artist with musical roots in Austin, Texas and whose boots are now in Nashville, Tennessee. Being molded by the Austin music community, Brandon comes from a purely acoustic background, bringing a different sound to Music City. With recent professional developments, Brandon is ready to hit the ground running and embark on an epic country career.

At one point in time, Brandon auditioned for Berklee School of Music in Boston, but made the decision to, instead, jump head first into his career. Brandon took his guitar and his talents to Austin, where he honed his skills and attended his own version of “graduate school,” learning the tricks of the trade through hands-on experience. By taking matters into his own hands, Brandon was able to take his music on the road as well, collecting an enormously supportive fan base as he trekked across the United States. His hard work did not go unnoticed by some of music’s greats, as he was also offered opportunities to open for the likes of Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Chet Atkins, John Mayer, Ben Folds, The Time Jumpers, Ed Roland of Collective Soul, Redd Voelkart, and Malford Milligan.

In addition to playing live music, Brandon has released three full-length albums, Life EclipseToken, and Brandon Alan (the latter being his first Nashville offering). Brandon is ecstatic to share his new music with fans, recognizing the tremendous strides he has taken as an artist over the past few years. Due to the self-growth, Brandon has moved away from his typical acoustic sound and has added more instrumentation to supplement his strengthened vocals; improvements he has experienced since his move to Nashville.

It’s easy to get comfortable in Austin, but there’s also the feeling that you can get to a certain plateau and stay there. Since it’s a college town, a lot of the fans artists make eventually move away, so it’s hard to develop a consistent career. I felt that moving to a major music market like Nashville would be a great step forward, not only because of the many opportunities to perform in the city and surrounding area, but also because it’s centrally located and a great central located base to tour from. The stage … that’s really where the excitement happens. I love the feeling and the energy I get from the crowd. I love trying new things with my guitar and with the songs every night. I like to try different spontaneous arrangements and segues into songs. I have played a lot of acoustic gigs and I love it, but these days I am finding I have the most fun playing live with my full band. I can pull out my electric and really let loose.

We assure you, this may be the first you’re hearing of Brandon Alan, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Watch Brandon Alan’s “Through the Cracks” (feat. Bart Crow)

Brandon Alan


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