Review: @TheBrandyClark’s “Get High” Video (watch here)

Do you see that envelope moving right there? Yep, that’s because Brandy Clark is pushing it … and I absolutely love that about her! Earlier this week, Brandy premiered her new music video for “Get High” on Perez Hilton’s website, a place where she could likely show off her anything but ordinary work with limited judgment.

In this 3:39 second ode to the dark days of Donna Reed, Brandy plays a singer on a small black and white television who twilights as the devil on a prim and proper housewife’s shoulder. The premise of the song is a wife and mother who loathes her life, the people in it, and her matronly responsibilities. So, when her to-do list is complete, she takes a seat, and smokes some weed. As the June Cleaver’esque stoner sits at her kitchen table, Brandy’s face is visible on the small television, as if she is encouraging her to toke up while the going is tough. Brandy sings, “You know life will get you down, love will leave you lonely. Sometimes the only way to get by is to get high.”

“Get High” is paradoxical, as the instrumentation and vocal arrangement channel a more historical version of country music that a purist would welcome with open arms. Adding the modern day lyrics to the music is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole … but this time, it actually works! In other words, while the two would not normally be expected to go together, Brandy has an uncanny way of marrying her authentic country sound with today’s state of affairs. In support of this song, the “Get High” video is a tongue-in-cheek story, clearly intending to entertain the fans, shock the conscience of the conservatives, and move country music one step closer to the left-wing.

It should come as no surprise that Brandy Clark is single-handedly working to edge this genre toward its boundaries, but if I have learned anything about Brandy thus far, it’s that she will follow her arrow. Admittedly, I am intrigued and entertained enough to continue to follow wherever it points!

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