Brandy Clark isn’t just another “Drunk American”…

Brandy Clark is behind some of the most innovative country songs today.  She’s behind Kacey Musgraves’ “Follow Your Arrow” and Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart.” She also received widespread critical acclaim for her own 2013 debut, 12 Stories, and is up for a CMA for New Artist, and Song of the Year for “Arrow.”

She’s helped push the envelope several times and yet has a way of keeping things undeniable country. Her work on Toby Keith’s new single is absolutely no different.

In a Rolling Stone interview she gives some insight into what it was like to write for one of America’s favorite alcoholic song singing stars. And how she put a twist on a topic that has been sung about since before I was born.

Rolling Stone says the new single “Drunk Americans,” the first from his forthcoming album, puts a fresh twist on an old musical cocktail with a shot of social commentary. This may surprise those who still view the singer though a right-wing lens, no matter how many times he has rejected that label.

With lyrics like “We ain’t black, we ain’t white, we ain’t left, we ain’t right, we just came here to drink” and “We just raise up our glass, we don’t give a rat’s ass if you’re a Democrat or a Republican,” “Drunk Americans” helps to shed light on the fact that a little liquid courage can help blur that divider.

“We wanted to write it sort of like a modern day ‘Piano Man,'” says Brandy Clark, who co-wrote the track with Shane McAnally and Bob DiPiero. “It’s like ‘When we’re in here drinking, who cares what we are outside of this?'”

Of “Drunk Americans” she says, “You see that title and you think, ‘Oh, it’s a drinking song,’ which it is, but I hope that people can listen to it and see that it’s really an American song.”

Naturally it seemed like a perfect fit for Toby, who might just be the king of country drinking anthems, but when Clark found out…she was real excited.

“When we finished the song [two years ago] we said, ‘This would we be so great for Toby Keith.’ And then he passed on it,” says Clark with a laugh. “Then he came back around to make another record and the guy at my publishing company pitched it again — after the record was done — and they heard it and said, ‘Oh, he’s got to go in and do this.’ So he did it and now it’s the single! I’ve loved Toby Keith for a long time so I can’t wait to hear this.”

With the direction country music has taken, Brandy said she hopes this will help country and not hurt it.

Yeah…I hope it’s not just another excuse to get drunk and cause a fight at a concert. We will see….

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