Wanna know what freaks Brett Eldredge out?

People have celebrities sign some weird crap. I mean…really weird. Like body parts weird. I’m sure that takes some getting used to, but Brett Eldredge isn’t exactly adjusted to the idea of it all.

“Someone tried to get me to sign their baby’s face once. I didn’t do that — but it was weird,” the ‘Beat Of The Music’ singer admits. “I signed an adult’s — human’s — face. And then they wanted to get it tattooed.”

I know it’s just a way from a fan to show their admiration of the singer, but….umm tattoos are PERMANENT.

“You know what the weirdest part about signing someone’s body is? When they want to get it tattooed, and you’re thinking, ‘This person’s going to have my name on them for the rest of their life,’” Eldredge says, “and that freaks me out.’”

Brett says he makes sure fans are okay with it before moving forward and ultimately he’s flattered…

I mean nothing says how much you mean to someone like a tattoo…

Author: Country Cadre

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