[email protected] Becomes an Indian Outlaw After Losing @Sqor Bet to @TheTimMcGraw

At the beginning of March, legendary football quarterback Brett Favre and the real good man, Tim McGraw, entered into a bet on Sqor Sports. The challenge: Tim had to secure a 10,000 user following on the sports-based social media platform before month end. If he failed, Tim would have to spend a full day wearing Brett’s Green Bay Packers jersey; if he won, Brett would have to sing a line from “Felt Good on My Lips.”

The outcome: Tim wins!

Now, Brett accepted his loss like the true champ that he is, but he also put his own spin on the previously devised play. He promptly jetted to his webcam to pay the price for the loss, but still somewhat juked Tim’s successful defense with a short lip sync of the 1990s hit “Indian Outlaw” instead of a heartfelt “Lips” belt.

While this is no Super Bowl-worthy performance, I commend Brett on his follow through with the bet. Though, he isn’t all too unfamiliar with a big game loss … Sorry Favre fans, I couldn’t resist!

Watch Brett Favre’s “Indian Outlaw” video


Author: Jen

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