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As a Canadian country music fan who lives in a border city I am privileged with the opportunity to travel to the States on a regular basis to see many concerts. However, on the occasion that a concert happens within travel distance of my home up here in Canada, you can bet I will be there, especially if a Canadian country music artist is performing. I had the opportunity to see Brett Kissel perform for a crowd of thousands recently and since then I’ve been telling everyone I know how well he entertains a crowd. Learn a little bit more about this talented young man here and then start looking for your chance to see him in concert as soon as possible.

If you had to choose just one of your songs to introduce new fans to your music, which one would it be and why?

“As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to select just one song, because each song has a different meaning and each song represents a different side to who I am as an artist, but more importantly as a person. That said, ‘Airwaves’ is the song that likely represents my energy, my enthusiasm for country music, and my voice the best.”

What’s one thing about your music you think many people may not know?

“When I’m in the studio recording an album, I do something very unique. The first thing I do is turn off all the lights in my vocal booth so that it is pitch black. This allows me to completely pretend I’m on stage, performing for a crowd, and gets me in the right head space, so I can feel the lyrics. If it’s a fun, up-tempo song, I can pretend I’m rocking out, with a big smile, and I’m just killing it on stage. Whereas if it’s a ballad I’m singing, the dark room gets me in touch with my emotions, and allows me to dig deep to really ‘sell’ the lyrics and the message in a more effective way.”

You have a campaign called “If Brett Kissel did ____, I’d be #CoolWithThat”…so now I want to ask you that question. Whose name would you replace with yours and what would they be doing?

“If @GeorgeStrait and I sat down, drank whisky, and talked about ranching or country music, I’d be #CoolWithThat!”

Speaking of “Cool With That,” how did that song become a single?

“I’m awfully proud of the ideas and work ethic that my team has. I’m talking about my band, my management, my label, and my agency. Before we select a single, we discuss openly and honestly about what song would sound best on radio, and what song would really speak to the fans. ‘Cool With That’ was a song that fit the format, was a blast to play live, and was a fan favorite from the beginning – so it was a no brainer – we had to release it!”

You’re performing at a few festivals this summer across Canada and the United States. Do you find a lot of similarities (or differences) in country music fans in different countries?

“Other than different accents playing in places like Texas, or Quebec, or Newfoundland, I think country music fans are all cut from the same cloth. And I’m grateful that no matter where I travel to in this world, I always can find wild and crazy country music fans.”

There’s been a lot on social media recently about your #HometownHomecoming. Can you describe what that was for people who weren’t able to be there?

“I’m honored to have had my name added to the welcome sign of my hometown of St. Paul, Alberta, which now reads: ‘Home Brett Kissel.’ So, in celebration of that, I decided to put on a gigantic show at the Jaycee Ballpark, where a sold out crowd, that nearly doubled our town’s population, came out for a one night extravaganza, filmed by CMT, and broadcast live across the province on 840 and 910 CFCW Radio. It was undoubtedly one of the most fun shows I’ve ever put on, and the largest show I’ve ever produced.”

You’re a young guy, you’re married, and you have a daughter under a year old. What’s the biggest challenge for you when you’re touring and playing shows for months out of the year?

“I think our biggest challenge as a family is the organization it takes to fly around the world. I’m talking about packing up our suitcases, or making sure we are arriving in a new city at an appropriate time for our sleeping schedule. You see, for a wild and inconsistent life, we try to make things are consistent as possible for our daughter. Luckily, my family travels with me 90 percent of the time, so ‘home’ can truly be anywhere.”

You can find Brett Kissel interacting with fans daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to head over to iTunes to purchase his latest album “Pick Me Up.”

Brett Kissel Pick Me Up

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