Song Review: Britney Monroe “I Won’t Wait”

There is a keen difference between the fundamentals of Texas country music and today’s country music. Texas native, Britney Monroe, found a way to bridge that gap and meld the two sounds into something spectacular, while creating her own signature sound.

“I Won’t Wait” is a musical surprise that will awaken your senses with instruments not foreign to country music, but unfortunately frequently missing from today’s country radio, such as the fiddle.

“I hope this song encourages people to realize that they have the power to change whatever it is that they are unhappy with in life, including a relationship.” Monroe says.

Alongside the clear, flawless vocals and eager, yet tender tempo, what stands out to me is the relatibility and sincerity of the lyrics. Monroe said that she penned this song as a bit of advice to a friend who had been trying to mend a broken relationship after being cheated on by her significant other. “You already threw trust away, staying here would be a mistake, so I won’t wait.” Those empowering lyrics can be applied to any situation where your value as a person is compromised. That encouragement is refreshing to hear! She carries a dream in her heart, and the confident “no” that makes up the hook of the song, is her anthem – that she will not stop until she has made her dreams a reality.

Keep Britney Monroe on your horizon because I am confident that this song will be a hit. You can purchase “I Won’t Wait” on iTunes!

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Britney Monroe ‘I Won’t Wait’

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