Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne

Finally! That’s the word that escaped our mouths when we booked John and T.J. Osborne, also known as Brothers Osborne, for tonight’s Twitterview. This brotherly duo is a pair we have had our Country Music’s #CMchat eyes on since last summer when we shared a few events with them during CMA Fest, and it was incredibly exciting to be reunited with our friends in our digital world.

Since we met John and T.J., a lot has changed for them — most importantly their release of an extremely hot single, “Rum.” Now, following the Top 30 hit, Brothers Osborne has premiered a new song, “Stay a Little Longer,” that is already winning the hearts of country music fans.

The sibling twosome also released its self-titled debut EP in September, peaking in the Top 25 on the United States chart, and setting the stage for a full-length album release in the near future. With two singles over the last several months and a notable EP, there is a lot to be celebrated by Brothers Osborne.

Now, they can add Country Music’s #CMchat guests to an ongoing list of fantastic experiences in the industry!

During our one hour chat with the funny and talented duo, we learned a bit more about our long lost buddies. First and most importantly, the guys use their four hands very efficiently, taking time to answer both the official Jessica Northey delivered questions and their many fans who came to chat. We also found out that John and T.J. can take us all for a wild ride in Mario Kart 64, making it clear that as talented as they are in music, they are equally proficient in Nintendo.

Also, T.J. may be starting a Kickstarter soon to buy new speakers for his truck. Apparently he can’t listen to much music while driving because his current ones aren’t quite up to snuff.

For this information and oh-so-much more brotherly love, check out the full Country Music’s #CMchat Twitterview below.

Author: Jen Swirsky


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