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We promised you that you would find what makes Country music hit-maker and TV Star, Bucky Covington a “Happy Man” and when you read our recap below you’ll see that we delivered! Bucky is back with a new single and his very first EP is set to release July 14th. Fans can pre-order the 6 song EP and receive the new single “I Feel Ya” immediately. Bucky produced his new music alongside Grammy Nominated producer Dale Oliver and is very excited to finally be able to share it with his fans. Along with this being Covington’s first EP release as an independent artist, this also marks his first project release in 3 years. Happy Man, the new EP from Bucky Covington, will release digitally July 14th and is available for pre-order now HERE as “I Feel Ya”.


Q1 @BuckyCovington Describe what you do and who you are in 140 characters?    

A1 I’m Bucky Covington and I sing Country Music… Enough said. Haha!

Q2 @BuckyCovington Do you have a favorite “hangout” or place you go just to relax?  via @joycecherrier

A2 I just got a new boat so we have been going out on the lake a lot! Love it!

Q3 @BuckyCovington Do you and your twin brother ever have “twinsence” or have you experienced any strange phenomena?   via  @CountryInAz

A3 Nope 🙂 not sure I believe in that


Q5 @BuckyCovington How has your music style changed most significantly since you 1st appeared on @AmericanIdol?  via @brittwv

A5  Now I know what I am doing- I think. Haha. I learned a lot since then so hope it is better!

Q7 @BuckyCovington Which song on #HappyMan is your favorite? why?   via @kimberlyeowens

A7  I love uptempo songs but “I’m saying something” is my fav- it’s a ballad. Check it out on iTunes

Q8 @BuckyCovington  In regards to your upcoming months in music, what are you most looking forward to?  via @tierabolt

A8  I can’t wait to see what my fans think of the new music and keep playing it on the road! Very excited!

Q9 @BuckyCovington   Do you have a venue on your #BuckyList list you haven’t played yet?  via @KCarib


Q10 @BuckyCovington  What advice would you give to upcoming artists? ?  via @abbiscottmusic

A10  Don’t do it! JK! Get to know the business side first- lot you need to know to protect yourself!

Q11 @BuckyCovington  finish this sentence: “I really need to stop____”  & why?

A11  I need to stop the potty mouth on the road before my daughter starts talking! Bad bad habit!!

Q12 @BuckyCovington  Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you?

A12  ust a huge thank you to all of my fans- they are so amazing- you all know who you are- Love you all!!!!

click pic to pre-order Bucky Covington Happy Man

happy man bucky covington

Bucky Covington Happy Man EP track listing:
1. “I Feel Ya” (Eric Mallon, Ruben Estevez, Jason Afable)
2. “Girl You Get To Me” (Dale Oliver, Serg Salinas, Michael Harter)
3. “I’m Saying Something” (Matt Warren)
4. “Somewhere Looking Beautiful” (Bucky Covington, Dale Oliver, Dan Couch)
5. “Buzzin” (Brad Hull)
6. “Happy Man” (Shannon Lawson)

About Bucky Covington: Bucky Covington’s self titled debut CD opened at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart with the biggest first week sales for any debut country artist that year. He went on to become the best selling debut artist of 2007 and delivered three consecutive Top 10 singles to country radio (“Different World”, “I’ll Walk”, and “Good To Be Us”). In addition to competing on the fifth season of American Idol, Bucky’s national television appearances have included Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly!, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show and Fox & Friends. Bucky’s recent singles include last summer’s feel good tune “Buzzin”, and “Drinking Side of Country” (duet with Shooter Jennins), which reached over 2 Million views on YouTube in only 2 short days following its premiere and features cameos by country stars Kellie Pickler, Shooter Jennings  and other celebrity friends.

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