Concert Review: The Cadillac Three

This past week I had the pleasure of traveling to Nashville, TN. I was completely surprised when The Cadillac Three announced a surprise concert to celebrate their new album Bury Me In My Boots which will be released on August 5. You can hear their announcement on the #CMchat Facebook page.

The concert was at The Basement, a venue that The Cadillac Three are all too familiar with. This space was unique since it was below a record shop. There were pictures of artists, autographs, and stickers outlining each wall. The stage was just a step up from the floor and it felt like it was going to be a private concert. Every fan felt close to the band!

The Cadillac Three came out ready to rock. They have the most energy I’ve ever seen. They were spinning around, walking everywhere on stage, and jamming out together. It was like I just stepped into a garage watching a band rehearsing and having a good time. Starting out with guitar and drum solos I knew this concert was going to make everyone party. Since this was my first time seeing them in concert I had no idea what to expect.

Cadillac Three Jaren

“Tennessee Mojo” was one of the first songs they played. It’s a song that has a strong rock beat. They added some great solos and went into the song “Back It Up.” Their fans knew every word to each song and as I looked around people were completely engulfed in their music.

“Soundtrack to a Six Pack” brewed the perfect party scene. This song is off of their new album and fans were more than excited to hear these new songs seeing that it’s been well over three years since the band released a full length album. The Cadillac Three then turned to an Eric Church cover of “Raise Em Up.” Knowing their fans helped the band kick the concert up a couple notches because the party had just begun. The fans were jumping and singing. They were loving it! The lead singer, Jaren Johnston, got up close and personal. He went to the front of the stage and put the microphone near us for some songs. Totally impressed with his never-ending energy, I got lost in the band’s style and especially their solos. Each member was a master on their respective instrument. The drummer. Neil Mason, was drumming so hard he broke a stick, so he made sure to give it to a fan.

Singing a song from their EP Peace Love & Dixie, they let the fans sing the chorus. I was particularly impressed by two guys next to me, who knew each word and were even trying out their air guitars. I’m pretty sure they had almost as much energy as the band themselves. This song reminded me of Alabama’s sound. They drew from a grungy southern rock style.

Each one of their songs had impressive lyrics. No matter what song it was each fan could relate to it. Their talent surpasses many musicians today because they not only sing and play well, they also write their own songs. As songwriters, these guys are behind a lot of your favorite country songs you hear on the radio.

Cadillac Three drumming

Well into the concert the lead singer Johnston put his guitar to the side and started drumming with Mason. They did an incredible drum solo and I couldn’t believe how good they sounded together. Each hit sounded better than the last. The fans couldn’t believe their ears. I’ve never seen a singer take on another instrument during a concert before. They were breaking down all of the boundaries and it made for such a memorable experience.

The Cadillac Three gave us another taste of what their new album has in store for us by playing a song Johnston wrote for his wife titled “Running Red Lights.” It’s a slower southern rock song that gives us a glimpse his more emotional side. It was obvious how much Johnston cares for his wife and he even made a point to talk about her multiple times throughout the concert.

“Bury Me In My Boots” was by far my favorite part of the night. This is their title track and the band was obviously proud of the song. There was one point in the song where time seemed to slow and the lyrics really sunk in. This is one of those songs that reminds you where you came from, who you are, and no matter wherever you go, always remember where you came from.

This concert was the first time I felt like the band was singing to just me. It was an intimate setting where you could reach out and touch them. I wish more artists would play at venues like this. It helped me connect with the music and it made me a loyal fan of The Cadillac Three. I can’t wait to see where they go next and be sure to get their new album Bury Me In Boots this August..

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