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The music video for the country-grunge three-piece group The Cadillac Three’s “Party Like You” single is here. It is the follow up to their infectious state-namedropping rock tune “The South”. The boys for TC3 headed back to lead singer Jaren Johnston’s hometown of East Nashville to film the video. If you’re into heavy guitars, girls, booze and a good time, then you’ll love this video.

The video starts out with TC3 performing their song at a local bar while a wife-beater-wearing local breaks into a car. Before hotwiring the Trans Am, he finds a stack of cash in the dash and peels off where he later finds himself desperately trying to impress three lovely ladies. Ultimately, he convinces the ladies to come with him to the bar where The Cadillac Three are performing, and after partyin’ too hard while shootin’ some shots with the band, he passes out. Leaving the stack of cash laying on the table, TC3 and the ladies take the stash and have a party of their own.

Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray have been friends and musical co-conspirators for as long as anyone can remember. They’ve weathered their wild teenage years and even wilder tours, weathered major label letdowns and major league triumphs, conquered Music Row – Johnston co-wrote Keith Urban’s #1 single “You Gonna Fly” – and crashed on the couches of strangers in far flung cities. These boys have seen more ups and downs than a Smoky Mountain tour guide.

In the spring of this year, southern-rock trio released their self-titled debut album. Though there are at least five or six equally strong candidates, logical first single is the good time of ‘Get Your Buzz On.’

‘Well, us boys, we ain’t suit-and-tie,’ Jaren Johnston states the obvious right at the start. This song has one simple goal, to take you to a down-home party and make you forget any and all worries. There are days when life really does not need to be more than that, because ‘there ain’t nothin’ wrong/with a little knock-down, drag-out, go and let your hair down/party on the farm ’til the rooster crows.’

Many current country-rock songs rely too heavily on loudness to make their point. they show that you don’t need to go big to impress. A great riff, creative and irreverent songwriting, a unique voice, and with only three musicians they create a sound that sets them apart from everyone else. Kelby Ray’s lap steel notes make a trip through a bass amp, eliminating the need for a bass player, and helping achieve the band’s heavier sound organically.

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