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Caitlyn Smith is a singer-songwriter who hails from a small town in Minnesota, but has jumpstarted a big career in Nashville, Tennessee. While Caitlyn might be best known for her work behind-the-scenes at this point, as she has written songs for Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, and more, the time has come for this brilliant artist to emerge and soak in the spotlight herself.

Caitlyn’s new EP, Everything to You, will live up to its name in your musical collections and truly become just that — everything to you. With seven flawless tracks, made complete by Caitlyn’s beautiful songwriting skills and even more stellar vocal abilities, there is not a moment of this album that country music fans will want to miss.

On Everything to You, Caitlyn infuses blues and soul with country, creating a unique sound, made especially apparent on “Fever,” “Novocaine,” and “All My Lovers.” However, because she is a well-rounded and extremely talented artist, Caitlyn doesn’t plant her feet and stick with one particular sound. Indicative of her versatility, Caitlyn immediately follows the lead track (“Fever”) with a slow-tempo, pure country song, “Dream Away.” Within the first two tracks on the album, it becomes clear that Caitlyn has no qualms about sharing every piece of herself with her fans, as she taps into distinctly separate topics and feelings to create her spectacular music.

The title track of the album, “Everything to You,” strips Caitlyn down a bit and shows off the simplicity in her voice and the fact that raw emotion can replace the bells and whistles in a song. Spinning the country song we’ve heard before, when a man sings about the qualities of the woman he loves, Caitlyn takes the matter into her own hands and lays out who she is for the man who has her heart. Caitlyn identifies her strengths and weaknesses in the lyrics, but caps off the laundry list with an expression of adoration for her love by explaining that, regardless of anything, as long as she’s everything to him, she can conquer all. The title track, as well as “Grown Woman,” are special ones, indeed, because they introduce us to Caitlyn the person, as well as Caitlyn the singer-songwriter-musician; all of whom a music fan should take the time to know.

An unexpected, yet appropriate, inclusion on Caitlyn’s EP, listeners may be especially excited to find “Wasting All These Tears,” a song that Cassadee Pope put on the map, breaking into the Top 10 and becoming the first female to release a platinum-selling debut single since 2006. The beauty of Caitlyn including this monumental song on her EP is that, sentimentally, it was the first (but won’t be the last) widely successful track penned by Caitlyn, and she wrote it with her husband Rollie Gaalswyk. Also of particular note is how astonishingly different Caitlyn’s version of her song is versus the one that was released by Cassadee, proving that one song can be recreated by artists and delivered in such a way that it seems brand new.

While I would typically point out highlights on the album and encourage fans to focus on certain songs that are standout performers, it is simply impossible to do so on Caitlyn Smith’s Everything to You EP. No two songs sound alike; no two songs are topically similar; and no one song supersedes another. What Caitlyn has released to the world is an offering that has mass appeal and explores all facets of country music, simultaneously proving that a renowned songwriter can emerge from the shadows and share so much more with the industry; especially when that songwriter has vocals as pristine and powerful as Ms. Caitlyn Smith.

You can download your copy of Caitlyn Smith’s Everything to You by clicking on the album cover below.

Watch Caitlyn Smith’s “Everything to You” video here:

Caitlyn Smith

Watch Caitlyn Smith perform her song “Tacoma” off Garth Brooks’ new album:

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