Cale Dodds Gives ‘Wild and Reckless’ to Fans – Interview & Review

A few months ago, I was introduced to Cale Dodds as he opened for David Nail on the AT&T Country Deep Tour. Shortly after, we featured him as #OneToWatch here at #CMchat. When I saw him, he said he was in the studio recording for an EP. This week, that EP was released on iTunes as well as free on for a month thanks to our friends at Country Deep. Check out my review of the EP and be sure to scroll down for a few questions we asked Cale about the project.

Even though Wild and Restless is an independent release, Cale Dodds didn’t hold back throughout the process. The songs he recorded are tried and true from his days of touring. To track the songs, he headed over to the legendary Ocean Way Studios, an old church that has now been converted into a recording studio. Everyone from Dierks to Faith to Reba have tracked records in the studio. Behind the tracks is a powerful pair of producers – Kyle Jacobs and Matt McClure. Recently, they produced the CMA Song of the Year, ‘I Drive Your Truck’ for Lee Brice. Kyle is a well known songwriter as well (“More Than A Memory”) and helped pen a few tracks on the EP in addition to his producing of the project. Cale describes his sound as a blend of country, rock, and pop – I like to describe the blend as simply, ‘Cale Dodds’.

In five songs, Cale Dodds is able to introduce himself and his sound to the ever-growing genre of country. You can hear his rock background throughout tracks and heavily on the album namesake, “Wild and Reckless”. Cale said when writing the song, he wanted his fans to see and feel the freedom that song represents as well as hearing it through lyrics such as “keep on living that American story/that’s what you wanted, that’s what you wanted/Wild and Reckless”. Much of the album is laced with love, much like most of what you’re hearing on the radio today. My favorite track on the release is a song about living in the here and now because nothing will “Get You Higher”. “That’s When I Knew” and “Say Yes” are both songs about picking that lucky lady to spend your life with. Kyle Jacobs helped co-write both tracks and you might know him as Kellie Pickler‘s husband, so there is no doubt that he knows what those moments are like. Although Cale hasn’t found that lucky woman yet, these songs are relatable to all relationships after all, who isn’t hopeful that you have found ‘the one’? While on the journey, you can relate to “Run”. This song is all about running full speed ahead and not letting anything get in the way of your love.

If there’s anything this CD proves, it’s that Cale is just as good of a singer as he is a songwriter. All five songs on the EP show his strength on both aspects, which will undoubtedly get his name out there among the industry. It’s only a matter of time before this disc gets on the right desk and Cale Dodds becomes a household name.

Must Have Tracks: Get ’em all – you’ll end up going back for the rest anyways.

Interview with Cale:

#CMchat: What’s it like to open up for artists like David Nail, Kellie Pickler, Brett Eldredge, and Billy Currington?
Cale Dodds: The shows have been great! I’ve done a lot of touring over the years, but to finally be at a point where you are opening up for artists that you are a fan of is incredible. Every night after I perform, I go to my merchandise table to meet new fans and make new friends. While I’m there, I get to hear songs I love being sung by the artist that recorded them. It’s been a blessing.

#CMchat: You’ve also worked with American Idol winner David Cook in the past – what’s it like switching between genres in your writing?
Cale Dodds: David has become a good friend of mine. That guy rocks! As far as the writing is concerned, I grew up in the middle of country/rock/pop…so there really was no “dividing line” of genres when I was being introduced to music as a kid. That being said, I love just trying to write a good song. Sitting down to write with other writers/artist, such as David, has also helped me develop my own craft and tap into creative reservoirs for me as an artist.

#CMchat: Kyle Jacobs and Matt McClure who produced “I Drive Your Truck” produced the EP – can you tell me what it was like to work with them on this project?
Cale Dodds: The best part about working with Kyle and Matt on this project is that I was actually a fan of their work before I even met them. I always wanted to make sure I found the right team before going into the studio. As soon as we met after the first meeting, I knew things felt right. These guys deserve so much recognition, and I believe that they do and will leave an indelible mark on everything they work with.

#CMchat: After seeing your live show, I know you have plenty of music to get out to your fans including a crowd favorite “Preach” – is it on your radar to get a full length album out?
Cale Dodds: As a singer/songwriter, I am always wanting to try out new songs live. I’m always experimenting with what I feel like is working live and restructure the set list according to what isn’t. “Preach” is one of those songs that has always seemed to go over really well and will definitely see the light of day on the next release. Right now, I am so excited to be sharing my new EP Wild and Reckless with fans at the moment…and a full-length album is definitely on the horizon.

#CMchat: Is there anything you want to add?
Cale Dodds: Quick shout out to anyone and everyone who has shared, reposted, tweeted, told someone about or played Wild And Reckless extremely loud at a red light with your windows down. I look forward to meeting you on the road! Last but not least, big thanks to CMChat for the review. You guys are great!

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