Album Review: Cam – Untamed

There’s a lot of hopes being pinned on newcomer Cam these days. Anywhere you look, there is one magazine or another that is proclaiming her as one of the top new “Artists To Watch.”

The California native first served notice upon the Country Music world with the honest and straight-ahead lyrics of her first single, “My Mistake,” and her follow-up, the evocative and emotive “Burning House” has really kicked the doors down. A sure-fire bet to land on many year-end lists of the best singles of 2015 not only gave one of the best performances of the year — but also the decade, pushing up the release of her debut full-length album, thanks to the success of the single.

So, now the question is can she back that success up?

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the singer will continue to build her career at radio. She knows how to craft a winning lyric, and as an artist — she can sell it like few other performers in the marketplace today. Tracks like “Mayday” and “Village” showcase an emotional vulnerability which her talent as a songstress helps her to knock it out of the ballpark.

But, this album isn’t all simply raw and unhinged emotion. As an artist, Cam possesses a wit that will make you think — and smile at the time. “Country Ain’t Never Been Pretty” is a modern day piece of Loretta Lynn-feistiness, and she also shows a little bit of attitude in “Half Broke Heart.” Her wit as a songwriter also shines through “Hungover On Heartache,” and she flaunts her bad-ass charm on the angst-ridden title track, which documents her frustrations with — among other things — the slow pace of life in a two-lane town.

But, from all sonic indications here, that looks to be a moot point. With Untamed, Cam has put together a release that is sure to keep her life (and career) in the fast lane from years to come!

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 Cam Untamed

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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