Cam “Want(s) It All” with Adam Weaver

Cam is officially off the market. The “Burning House” singer tied the knot with fiance Adam Weaver, who is a commercial real estate agent, in her home state of California. Cam was never the girl to dream about her wedding day, she tells People Country, so she entrusted her sister, Jillian for some help. 

Her wedding dress was completely stunning and fits her personality perfectly. She went with a bold, dark red lipstick. I also love that Cam leaves her hair naturally curly. Women who have curly hair are often pressured to straighten and tame their hair, but as we know Cam is “Untamed.” She actually picked out her dress online (way to go girl!!) It had a scoop neckline with short sleeves, she chose the dress because it reminded her “of a dress from the 30’s and I love things from the 30’s” she tells People Country. With a beautiful beading, it could not have been a better choice for the new Mrs. Weaver.


The couple opted for a Mexican style cuisine, and Cam tells People Country that she and her husband are obsessed with churros. I wish I could’ve been there for the food! The beautiful three layer cake had California and Tennessee State cut outs with a heart cut out in each. Their names were above their respective home states in a beautiful cursive font. It was simple, but unlike any wedding cake I’ve ever seen.


Their first dance was set to Miranda Lambert’s version of “Oklahoma Sky” and it was under beautiful lights outside surrounded by family and friends. Their wedding looked marvelous and distinct.


What I love most about this ceremony is that it was a direct reflection of Cam; beautiful, unique, magical, and spunky. Cam and Adam spent their honeymoon in Bali and Tokyo. She’s excited to be married and can’t wait to get more dogs!   

People Country got an exclusive look into Cam’s big day and they took some wonderful pictures. Thanks for showing us the details about Cam’s big day!   



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